Molly, the highly-intelligent Spoodle

Molly, the highly-intelligent Spoodle

This sweet-looking crossbred of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle goes by the name Molly. According to Samantha‘s mother, Angela, this lucky 6-months-old Spoodle even has her very own wardrobe full of little doggie outfits.

She says:

“Molly is very furry, with a very pretty, dark chocolatey brown shade.

“She is also very intelligent. A lovely, lovely, lovely, clever dog.

“She’s hyperactive, and is very smart at doing tricks.

“My daughter teaches her tricks like roll-over.

“We walk Molly 3 times a day for half an hour.

“She is also very well-trained! She doesn’t pee or poo anywhere except on a pee pad mat.

“Once a week, we’ll bring her for a little doggie session for her to make new friends.

“In Singapore, it is very rare to see a Spoodle.

“Molly is very easy to take care of as she is very clean, she doesn’t smell or shed fur.”


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