Poles sticking out of this incomplete railing can kill

Poles sticking out of this incomplete railing can kill

When STOMPer Eric saw these poles sticking out of a railing in Boon Lay, he was shocked and angry that the town council allowed for such a dangerous structure to be left exposed.

He says that it is the town council’s job in ensuring that residents are not exposed to such unnecessary dangers and wonders why such a mistake was made in the first place.

The disappointed sender says:

“I saw this at a block between blocks 211 and 214 at Boon Lay on Wednesday day morning.

“I saw this ramp, which was facing the community centre, while travelling in a public bus.

“You can see that the poles are sticking out because the ramp is incomplete.

“If they couldn’t finish making it, they should at least cover it and protect the public.

“It is very dangerous especially for children who are walking or playing nearby.

“What are we paying the town council for? We pay maintenance fees monthly and this is what we are getting.

“It is their job to make sure that the facilities are safe but it seems they have not learnt their lesson so far.”


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