Jewellery shop executive throws fit after 5-year-old steps on $1,200 shoe

Jewellery shop executive throws fit after 5-year-old steps on $1,200 shoe


Andorra says her five-year-old son stepped on the $1200 shoe of a jewellery store executive, but his colleague’s subsequent reaction to the incident was way out of proportion.

In an email to STOMP today (July 3), the STOMPer recounted the incident which took place on May 24.

The STOMPer said she was shopping at SaSa comestics store when a man stomped in angrily to look for her and her son.

“He gave me a shock by angrily confronting me to inform that my boy had stepped on Mr Eric’s (a Business Development Retail Executive) shoes, made monkey faces and ran off,” she said.

“Without knowing the incident I immediately apologised and told him precisely that I will take note by keeping an eye on my son.

“He continued to stare at him angrily and started challenging him by putting his left foot out, pointing to his shoes and scolding him in mandarin ‘My shoes is $1200, now I want you to step, you dare to step?’”

The STOMPer said he repeated that several times.

“I asked ‘What is the problem with you now? How old are you, he is a boy merely 5 years old, why is there a need for you to make a big fuss over this when we had already apologised.’

The STOMPer added that she tried to reason with the man, but he continued to be agitated. He even started using Hokkien vulgarities.

At one point, he even announced that he was wearing a $700 belt.

The man later on challenged the STOMPer to a fight and he contacting someone over the hand phone. The security guards who arrived on the scene, believed he was calling his gang down and proceed to call for police assistance.

The STOMPer added that she went into the jewellery store to apologise to the man whose shoes her son has stepped on, while they were waiting for the police to arrive.

“I went into GoldHeart to ask for Mr Andy’s name card as well as apologised to Mr Eric for the stepping he received.

“He gave a totally stunned look and accepted it gentlemanly. He didn’t even realise that Andy was making a scene at SaSa, after all it has nothing to do with him,” she wrote.

The Police arrived on the scene and took down the statement of both parties.

The STOMPer said that GoldHeart had contacted her and tried to arrange for a meetup to settle the matter several times, but she turned them down.

She also said that she was offered vouchers worth $500.

“My son has to go for treatment session for being traumatised at IMH (Institude of Mental Health) that has being arranged by Dr Mark Yap.

“Henceforth, we are going to incurred high medical expenses due to this incident cause by Mr Andy.

“We urge the management to consider our plight and proceed to reply us with a fair a satisfactory judgement and compensation.”


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