Man found dead outside Fusionopolis, head badly smashed

Man found dead outside Fusionopolis, head badly smashed

STOMPer Titus witnessed a man found dead outside Fusionopolis this afternoon (July 3) with his head badly smashed.

He says:

“A heavily-built man (looks like a Chinese in his 50s) was found lying dead outside the terrace in front of Fusionopolis.

“He was wearing black pants and his shirt which was tucked out.

“His four limbs were stretched out and his head was badly smashed.

“We were puzzled by the commotion gathering around the Fusionopolis.

“Most of the people stood far away because they could not stomach the sight.

“There were guards looking from a distance but the police had not arrived yet when we drove past Fusionopolis at around 2.10pm today.

“My colleague who was with me said he could no longer eat his lunch after having seen the dead body from a distance.

“Why did the man jump down? Did he fall from the building?

“There are no more ongoing construction works at Fusionopolis at the moment and he certainly did not dress like a construction worker.

“It’s such a sad scene. Life is really indeed like a vapour that appears for a little while and then vanishes!”


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