You call this cleaning? Kallang Place kopitiam even more dirty after sloppy job by cleaners

You call this cleaning? Kallang Place kopitiam even more dirty after sloppy job by cleaners

Even after cleaning up the coffeeshop at Kallang Place, STOMPer Aaron says that the place still looks dirty and wondered if the process was effective.

In an email to STOMP today (July 3), the STOMPer wrote:

“I would like to feedback on the cleaning done at Kallang Place 26a.
“Our committee had spoken to the person-in-charge of Kallang Place cleanliness to schedule the floor washing after 1900hrs as patrons are likely to have their dinner there before that time.

“However, your staffs did not comply with the schedule and annoyed the patrons whom are having their dinner by splashing soap water on the ground.

“Some were caught by the soap water splashed on patrons’ shoes or pants.

“Many of the patrons were dissatisfied about this and it will greatly affect the business of stall owners.

“Please refer to the photos I had taken after floor washing. Do you think it is cleaner or dirtier after the floor washing process?

“The floor was still wet with soap and water; a passerby slipped and almost fell if he didn’t grab hold of the tables.

“When I approached the staff on who did the cleaning, he proclaimed that his water hose isn’t long enough and he’ll turn back to do the necessary washing.”

The STOMPer added:
“The drainage was choked after the washing was conducted.

“Then I approached the staff again regarding about the choked drainage, he proclaimed the stall owners were the ones who causes the choked by throw foods into the drainage.

“Then they kept the equipment and left with the drainage remained choked.

“I suppose sweeping should be conducted before washing (as previously the other group of staffs sweep the floor before washing) but I don’t see any brooms nor dustpans, instead they came only with pipe, water and soap and then started washing.

“One can see the pool of soap water flooding under the table which could post danger for anyone walking around the area.

“Nowadays, there are also no signage stating ‘Be careful, wet floor’ after washing was conducted.”

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