No studying’ rule at Coffee Bean: Good or bad?

No studying’ rule at Coffee Bean: Good or bad?

These ‘No Studying’ signs have been glued onto the tables at the Coffee Bean outlet at Guthrie House to deter students from hogging the tables to study.

STOMPer Streetsmart Kid, who saw the signs, said:

“These pictures were taken at the food outlet at Guthrie House at Fifth Ave.

“Last week when I visited the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet, the place was extremely noisy as groups of students gathered to eat, drink, chit chat and study.

“These students were mostly JC, poly students and even undergrads from SIM and NUS.

“They turned the food outlet into a neighbourhood marketplace.

“This week when I visited the same outlet the place was more decent and quiet.

“Every table has the notice NO STUDYING glued on it.

“The management was unhappy that the students had turned his shop into a noisy library and he would rather not have them around.

“Also the noise they created drove other customers away.

“The students used to order a cup of tea ($4 per cup) and sat there for many hours with their books and laptops and this had an adverse effect on his business.

“He feels that students should use the college library or the NLB branches instead of his shop to study as the main purpose of his shop is to serve food and drinks.

“As a parting shot, he added: “These students have brains but they lack social grace and consideration for other bona fide customers”.


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