‘Ex-prisoners’ raising funds for charity not listed by NCSS

‘Ex-prisoners’ raising funds for charity not listed by NCSS

This men, claiming to be ‘ex-prisoners’, were selling key chains at various locations. They were apparently raising funds for the “New hope project and “New job creation”, which, according to the STOMPer, are not listed as an approved charity in the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) website.

In the STOMPer’s email:

“There is this group of man asking people to support them by buying their key chains at 2 for $10 at Raffles City, Plaza Singapura, Paragon and The Cathay.
“They will introduce themselves as ex-prisoners, and say that they have been jailed for offences like loan sharking, taking drugs and so on…
“They even produced a name card of a prison officer named ‘Peter’ to prove that they have been to jail, together with a newspaper clipping of themselves.

“They are also using some cards with names like ‘New hope project’ and ‘New job creation’. Both can’t be found in Google, Yahoo, NCSS, Singapore Prison, etc. I can’t even find them as registered companies with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority)!

“Where are they from? Are they using their ‘ex-prisoner’ status to get people to buy the key chains? Even the yellow ribbon donation drive people don’t introduce themselves as ex-prisoners …

“They create such a bad image for Singapore, as well as the Singapore Prison.”


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One Response to “‘Ex-prisoners’ raising funds for charity not listed by NCSS”

  1. justvisiting Says:


    I am a tourist and I had the same experience on Orchard road.
    but they gave me details.
    They told me it was not a charity but a company. I wrote down all details so you can check if you are interested.

    Jobs Creation Program
    New Hope Project
    50 Chin Swee Rd, # 09-04
    Thong Chai Building
    Singapore 16 98 61
    tel: 94 26 72 14
    Mr Jason Tan

    The weird thing is when I ask the girl I was speaking to, which was the percentage they received, she asked her friend what to answer. The friend said 50%.

    They were selling images of Disney cartoons. they was a man sitting not selling.

    For me they did not give bad image of Singapore prison. They told me some were former detainees, some others were from poor families.
    The question remains whether they are exploited or not…

    Is there any charity helping the former detainees in Singapore?

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