Protect your valuables: Foreign thieves strike at Farrer Park flats

Protect your valuables: Foreign thieves strike at Farrer Park flats

This thief and his accomplices were caught on surveillance video, stealing from a Farrer Park unit on July 3. STOMPer kyutake13 hopes that those who have seen them can help bring justice upon them by calling the police.

According to kyutake13, this is the second time foreign thieves have attacked his Farrer Park home.

They made away with some of the sender’s shoes.

In an email dated July 4, STOMPer kyutake13 says:

“Thieves have struck again in the heartlands at Farrer Park.

“Caught in the act through CCTV on Friday night (July 3), they are completely oblivious to the presence of a security camera which is recording their every move.

“It is unbelievable how oblivious they are to their own surroundings and their ability to carry out this criminal act so arrogantly.

“They stole some shoes that night.

“I think they are foreign workers because there are many foreign workers in this area. This makes me doubt the value of having foreign talent in our society.

“We have shown our hospitality toward them yet this is how they treat the citizens that they work for in return?

“This is not the first time they have stolen things from my house. After the first time, I installed a security camera outside my home.

“I hope that this would serve as a warning to families and remind them that keeping valuable items outside the house invites unwanted offenders.

“If you happen to spot these individuals, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities.”


HTML clipboardForeign thieves strike at Farrer Park flats


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