No, there’s no marital strife as Christopher Lee shares how he and Fann keep the sparks flying

By Kwok Kar Peng

July 06, 2009 Print Ready Email Article

YOU’D think that less than two months into their marriage, Christopher Lee and Fann Wong would behave like most newly-wed couples.

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You know, spend hours in the bedroom, then wake up making googoo eyes at each other and other numbing activities like that.

But surprise, surprise, Chris and Fann – married for a mere 11/2 months don’t even live together.

Yes, at the end of the day, they go home to their separate apartments, purportedly in the same condominium.

Welcome to marriage, Singapore-style.

Chris and Fann, both 38, may have registered their marriage on 16 May, but they have not held their customary Chinese wedding rites.

That doesn’t mean Chris is not spending time with his ‘baby’, his affectionate nickname for Fann.

He confessed to me that he and his wife have been getting all hot and sweaty during their clandestine afternoon rendezvous.

He even revealed that glamour queen Fann looks just as gorgeous dripping with perspiration.

Never mind it’s related to their latest addiction of playing badminton in deserted community centres.

We are expecting flushed faces when the couple spend nights at each other’s apartments after their wedding rites in September.

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For now, goody Fann lives with mum and pop, and Chris’ grandma, mum and younger brother occasionally travel from Malacca to stay with him.

Yeah, bummer.

So how do the couple ‘cosy up’ when her parents are out in the living room?

Chris snorted: ‘Her parents are not so boh liao (bored in Hokkien) to eavesdrop through the bedroom door! They are probably more loving than us, ha ha ha!’

Fairy-tale marriage

So while they have no intention on buying a love nest in Singapore because ‘property prices are too high’, the couple are thinking of buying a home in Beijing since they fly there for work so often.

You can practically hear the birds singing as he talked about this fairy-tale marriage.

They will manja (act coy in Malay) each other though Fann’s better at it.

She asks him every day if he wants to play badminton with her.

But it’s not all a bed of roses.

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Chris revealed that the couple have their fair share of quarrels.

He said: ‘We used to fight because we are both so stubborn. Now, we just don’t speak to each other for the whole day.’

During these cold wars, they contemplate, but kiss and make up the next day.

But he insists they are ‘very happy’ most of the time.

Though the naughty couple love leading Fann’s parents into thinking that they are fighting again.

Chris said: ‘Fann’s mum gets quite anxious when she sees us giving each other the cold shoulder and would try to calm the situation.

‘So sometimes, just out of fun, we pretend to fight and see how her parents react. It’s quite funny to leave her home lovey dovey and then return in few minutes shooting barbs at each other!’

Humph. That’s what you get for having children who are actors.

Chris even confided: ‘It took me more than a week to call Fann’s parents ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.

‘Fann joked that I should be fined every time I call them ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’.’

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But he was quick to add that both families are chummy with one another.

The couple even hope to have everyone living together in the future.

But perhaps they should try living under the same roof themselves first?

In the meantime, though, Chris won’t have much time to spend with his ‘baby’ in the upcoming weeks.

His wedding ring, a teeny band of platinum on his left ring finger, reminds him of his responsibilities to bring home the bacon.

And da man is now working on his new movie, Kidnapper, directed by Rule #1’s Kelvin Tong.

(With one wedding dinner in Singapore for at least 1,000 guests and another dinner in Malacca – on top of the Teochew custom of giving the bride four gold jewellery items – God knows he needs the money!)

Playing undoubtedly the most handsome cabby in Singapore in the movie, he will have more than 100 weepy scenes after his screen son gets abducted by a rogue played by Malaysian actor-DJ Jack Lim.


And for all that effort, precocious child actor Gerald Tan (aka the young Tay Ping Hui in Channel 8’s The Ultimatum) thinks Chris is only ‘okay-looking’.

But no worries, there’s a warm bosom to come home to after much blubbering on set.

Chris confided happily that the wife, in Singapore for a break until next month, teases and gives him a big hug every time he comes home with puffy eyes.

And when Fann has had an exhausting day of filming crying scenes, Chris would sayang (cuddle in Malay) her and take her out for a good meal to ‘replenish her energy’.

But Fann didn’t used to be so welcoming though.

Chris said: ‘She used to push me away because the prickly hairs on my beard and moustache hurt her.

‘Now that the hairs are longer, it isn’t painful for her anymore. She thinks it looks good on me too!’

He is even now considering keeping that facial fluff for their big day on 29 Sep.

All would depend on his wedding suit, he said, which he hasn’t seen yet.

Just as long as he doesn’t mind looking like a old scruffy uncle next to the ever-youthful Fann.


1996 – Christopher Lee and Fann Wong act together for the first time in the Channel 8 drama Brave New World.

1999 – Fann breaks up with her businessman boyfriend but not before slapping him outside Zouk after spotting him with another woman.

Aug 2001 – Chris and Fann are spotted holding hands while on vacation in Bali.

May 2003 – Chris claims he parks his car at Fann’s house at Upper Thomson only because it was a convenient place. His car has been spotted many times there.

Jan 2004 – An unnamed source tells Shin Min Daily News that Fann and Chris has bought units in the same condominium block. Chris admits he has been staying there for half a year.

Dec 2004 – Fann releases a book of her drawings, including a sketch of a man skipping outside her house. Chris is widely known to skip to keep in shape.

Feb 2005 – A source close to Fann reveals she will move into a studio apartment with Chris. The latter neither confirms nor deny the rumour, while Fann could not be reached for comment.

Apr 2005 – Fann denies Chris is her boyfriend. However, Chris admits to TNP’s Sylvia Toh Paik Choo that they are together.

May 2005 – They finally go public about their three-year relationship and said they hope to be married before they turn 40.

Dec 2005 – Zoe Tay goes on stage during Star Awards and badgers Chris to propose to Fann.

May 2009 – They register their marriage in a suite at The Shangri-La Hotel.


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