Amorous couple engage in intimate acts at condo pool, with kids around

Amorous couple engage in intimate acts at condo pool, with kids around

STOMPer Stan caught this couple touching each other very intimately at a condo pool yesterday (Jul 4) in Woodlands. He noted that children were swimming around them.
He also observed inconsiderate acts by another couple.
In his email:
“This was seen in a condo pool on Saturday (4th July) in Woodlands. There were children swimming around them.

“1) Couple touching each other with great intimacy.

“2) The aroused couple were seen riding each other.
“3) Woman whipped out cigarette and started smoking at deck chair.
“4) Another couple joined in, carrying motorcycle helmets, the man decided to change behind the deck chair. Could see him naked when he dropped his towel, but too slow to snap photo. Indecent exposure of himself. Changing room is just nearby.
“5) Man pull deck chair next to water edge, stand on deck chair, diving into 1.2m of water, send deck chair flying to the back hitting the wall.
“6) Almost dived into little girl, man came up and made a monkey face at the little girl.

“I don’t think these are residents, but it sure looked like they are happy to do what ever they wanted, at other’s expenses. Shame!”


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