Case of the lucky motorist, the not-so-lucky lorry & the parking attendant

Case of the lucky motorist, the not-so-lucky lorry & the parking attendant

If you have a friend who works as a parking attendant, you must be very lucky, says STOMPer George, who spotted this amusing parking ticket on the windscreen of a car.
The ticket issued to the owner of this car was blank and stated no fines to be paid. Instead, there was a handwritten note which read, ‘Today I come you lucky’.
Other vehicles were not so lucky however, as George noticed that other vehicles received fines on the parking tickets issued to them.
In an email dated July 6, STOMPer George says:
“Here’s the story of how this came about.
“I returned home and parked my car beside this car, a black Subaru, which seems to have gotten a ticket with a note on it.
“Out of curiosity, I picked up the ticket for a closer look.
“Upon further inspection, it was a note that said, ‘Today I come you lucky’.
“It dawned upon me that the car did not have any valid parking coupons and the parking attendant might have happened to be his friend.
“I induce that’s how he got lucky!
“Just two vehicles away, there was another ‘not-so-lucky’ lorry which got a $30 ticket.
“It seems that I need to make more friends who are parking attendants in order to be ‘lucky’ too!”


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