Suggestive photos of Miss S’pore Universe scandalises netizens

Suggestive photos of Miss S’pore Universe scandalises netizens

Racy photos of Miss Singapore Universe Rachael Kum circulating on the Internet have sparked criticism from netizens, who feel that she is not fit to hold the title.

Rachael, a manager in the medical industry and a graduate in pedagogy, will represent Singapore at the Miss Universe 2009, which will be held at the Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas, on August 23 2009.

The photos include one which shows the 25-year-old in a suggestive pose with a sex doll and another one showing her eating a cake in the shape of the male genitals.

There was no timestamp on the photos or on the blog in which her photos were found, so it is unclear whether the photos were taken before or after she was crowned Miss Singapore Universe.

The photos have caused an uproar among netizens, mostly Singaporeans, who feel that Rachael should not have won because of her “questionable integrity”, calling for her titled to be removed.

One netizen wrote:

“Rachel Kum’s racy pictures are indeed a reflection of what this girl entails.

“Sexy can come in various forms. Sexy with class or sexy that comes along as slutty.

“Obviously, she falls into the category of trying hard to be sexy but fell deep into the slutty category in the midst of getting all the attentions in her pictures.

“Putting her in the S-factor show would be a better choice for her than Miss Singapore Universe.”



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