Know Thyself: 100 Fun and Informative Personality Quizzes


Know Thyself: 100 Fun and Informative Personality Quizzes

By L. FabrySocrates once said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” By utilizing these top 100 personality quizzes for men, women, children, and more, you can see that his wish does not go unfulfilled.

Best Quizzes for Women

Because no quiz is created equally, below are the top quizzes for women to help with their most common problems.

1. How Well Do You Know Men?: According to Dr. Phil, “Most women labor under an unbelievable number of delusions as to why guys do what they do.” Take the following quiz to see if he’s right.

2. How Beauty Savvy Are You?: “Marie Claire” gives women this quiz to find out their beauty I.Q. Twenty questions test you on a variety of beauty products and procedures.

3. Are You Intimidating?: “Cosmo” magazine asks women this question to see how well you interact with both men and women. In the end, intimidation isn’t always a bad thing.

4. Sex Fact or Fiction?: “Women’s Health” test your knowledge of intimate things. Fifteen sexy statements are true or false and yours to figure out.

5. Do You Look For The Right Traits In A Guy?: Whether attracted to the good guy or bad boy, make sure he has the right traits beyond the superficial with this quiz.

6. Do You Deal Well With Office Drama?: Find out how well you handle the many dramas that come up at the office with this quiz. Strong enough for a woman, but men will find it useful as well.

7. What Kind of Sexy Are You?: If you think sexiness is like jeans in that there is never only one kind, this quiz is for you. The people at iVillage compile ten multiple choice questions to tell you more about yourself.

Best Quizzes for Men

Men will appreciate the tips and tools given in these quizzes on career, relationships, personality, and much more.

8. How Grody Are You?: Learn the most powerful women repellants by taking this quiz. It gives tips on grooming, the five second rule, and more.

9. Are You Too Competitive?: No one wants to be the guy picked last, so learn how to make games fun with this quiz from “Men’s Health.” Seven easy questions will determine your level of competitiveness.

10. GQ Style Quiz: Take this easy and short quiz to calculate your fashion style. Best of all, you can win a watch just for taking it.

11. What Should You Really Fear?: It’s no secret that men aren’t supposed to show fear. With the help of this quiz, you can see what is actually likely to harm you.

12. F Marry Kill: A fun, if not juvenile, quiz for men. Three pictures of famous people will come up and you have decide whether to marry, kill, or f*&k them.

13. The Fitness Test: Test your fitness level by doing pushups, stretches, and a brief sprint on the treadmill. Made for men, but ambitious women can take it as well.

14. Are You A Clueless Geek?: Think of Steve Carell from The Office. If you have a lot in common with him, you will score high on this quiz.

15. Are You A Dick?: “GQ” Magazine has come up with this quiz to let men know if they qualify. Take it to see how Under Armour and American Idol effect the results.

16. Will You Self Destruct?: Another quiz from “GQ,’” learn the warning signs of this condition, along with where you measure.

17. The Average Woman’s Dreams: Think they dream about you? Take this quiz and find out what the average woman is dreaming about.

Best Personality Quizzes for Teens

Stepping out of childhood and into the adult world can do a lot to your personality. Take these quizzes to see where you are, and be sure to save the results for giggles when you’re grown up.

18. What Group Are You?: Teens looking to find their niche will get some help with this easy to take quiz. Answers include rocker, emo, goth, trendy, etc.

19. Seventeen Magazine: This leading magazine has a ton of online quizzes for every girl. They include quizzes on shoes, fashion, personality, and more.

20. Sex Ed 101: Get your parent’s permission before taking this quiz. A useful and age appropriate tool for teaching teens and kids about the birds and the bees.

21. What’s Your Prom Style?: The biggest night of your life just might be your prom night. Get fashion tips for your style and type based on your answers.

22. What Character Are You From Twilight?: Fans of the books by Stephenie Meyer’s or movies will enjoy this quiz. Fifteen easy questions will let you know who you are most like.

23. Are You Old Enough To Date?: Parents still think you’re too young to date? Then take this quiz and post your answer for just about every social site to see.

24. Which Video Game Character Are You?: Love to play games? Then take this quiz to see if you are more like Luigi or Lara Croft.

25. Am I Fat?: With body image becoming more and more prevalent in teen society, this quiz can help you determine if you have weight issues. Suitable for both boys and girls.

26. Which Dance Suits Your Personality?: Dances are a common occurrence in junior high and high school. Learn which one is best suited for you with this quiz.

Best Personality Quizzes for Kids

Have some free time to kill or need help telling grown ups what to get you for your birthday? Then take one of these quizzes to help out with both.

27. Ultimate Personality Quiz: Each and every kid is unique and has their strengths and weaknesses. Take this quiz to find them out and what you’re choices say about your personality.

28. Which High School Musical Character Are You?: So are you a flamboyant yes-man like Ryan or an under-cover-nerd like Gabriella? Whatever the case, this quiz will unlock your inner High School Musical character.

29. Flight 29 Down: Discovery Kids and this popular TV show developed a quiz to see test the personality of kids. You can also get more information on the show, survival tips, and puzzles.

30. Which Disney Character Are You?: Boys will enjoy taking this short quiz for results such as Mickey Mouse and others. You can also get links to other quizzes.

31. Which Disney Princess Are You?: Girls can answer questions about their parents, friends, and themselves to get the answer. With over 2 million taken, this is a popular quiz for kids.

32. What TV Character Are You?: Kids will enjoy taking this quiz with answers to their favorite shows. They could be most like Miley, Hannah, Zack, or Cody.

33. Which Harry Potter Character Are You?: This fifteen question quiz will help kids see which of their favorite characters they are most like. Sample questions include “which house would the sorting hat put you in?” and “which Hogwarts class would you like to attend?”

34. Could You Be An Astronaut?: Kids interested in exploring space will enjoy this quiz. Channel One provides a simple ten question quiz to show kids what astronauts are required to do.

35. What Animal Are You?: Have your parents ever accused you of being a monkey or a pig? Then take this quiz to prove them wrong (or right).

36. Career Quiz for Kids: Take this quiz to see how much you know about different types of careers. You can even compare your answers to other kids.

Best Quizzes for Intelligence

Have a friend who knows it all? Have them take one or all of these quizzes to prove it.

37. MENSA Workout: The famous high I.Q. society offers this free and difficult quiz as a warm up to their entry exam. 30 questions in 30 minutes will give you plenty of bragging rights.

38. IQTest: Previously offered only to corporations, schools, and in certified professional applications, it is now available to the public. After completed you can see what your score means or play a related game.

39. Einstein’s Intelligence Quiz: Einstein himself is rumored to have wrote this quiz last century. He said that 98% of the people in the world cannot solve the quiz and after a quick read it is easy to see why.

40. River IQ Game: It looks cute and cuddly, but this game can be very challenging. Make sure to read the rules before clicking over unless you can read Japanese.

41. Free IQ Test: Fun Education offers many tests for children and adults for a cost. But this basic IQ test is offered at no charge and the raw results are also available.

42. Hoeflin Letter Series Test: Make sure to grab a recommended dictionary before taking this difficult test. For each complex problem, you are required to solve each question mark with a letter.

43. IQ Test Labs: Take the free PhD certified IQ test to get your score and find out how you rank. You can also get a ton of other related resources on this site.

44. Go IQ Test: Take the free test online or download the software at no charge to take whenever you like. The site even allows you to create your own test.

45. Sequential IQ Test: Hate math and arithmetic? Then try this sequential test using only words.

Best World Games and Quizzes

Those who boast how their travels or world knowledge have changed their personalities will enjoy applying their world smarts to these tests and quizzes.

46. Traveler IQ Challenge: This popular quiz will have you clicking on a world map to deliver the answers. You can also limit the questions by continent, flags, and more.

47. Test Your Geography Knowledge: You will be asked where a specific region is and then click on the map. The test is also available for continents and capitals.

48. Travel Type Quiz: Unsure of where to travel next? Then answer these ten questions to get suggestions for a honeymoon or romantic getaway.

49. What Kind of Traveler Are You?: The folks at Best Trip Choice have assembled this quiz to determine the best destination for your next trip. Their home site also ranks destinations by most popular.

50. Travel Trivia Quiz: Budget Travel has teamed up with veteran travel journalist Nadine Godwin to create a fun and challenging quiz based on the book “Travia: The Ultimate Book of Travel Trivia.” The quiz was made in 2006, so some of the info is out of date, but it is still a fun quiz.

51. Las Vegas Quiz: A popular travel destination, quizzers must guess where in Vegas each picture was taken. Do the quiz to test your knowledge or plan your next visit around.

52. Geography Game: This up to date quiz was made in May 26, 2009. Get multiple choice questions on a variety of locations.

53. World Leaders Quiz: Think it’s easy to be president? Then take this quiz to see if you can match these world leaders with their respective countries.

Best Which Blank Are You Quizzes?

From movies to games to animals, at some point or other we have all identified with someone else. Take these below personality quizzes to see who you are most like.

54. Which Actor Are You Most Like?: Answer these ten questions to determine which Hollywood actor or actress you most resemble. You can also get other short and fun quizzes.

55. Which Hollywood Actor Are You?: Similar to the above, answer questions such as “Do you like to fight?” or “Do you just hate Chuck Norris?’ to get your answer.

56. Which Superhero Are You?: From cape wearers to sulky shadow dwellers, take this quiz to see which you are. You can also post your results on a social website.

57. What Mythological Creature Are You?: Those who love Greek mythology will enjoy taking this quiz. Those who don’t will enjoy the pictures and explanation of the answers.

58. Which TV Character Are You?: These series of tests are ideal for those who have seen themselves on the small screen. Choose from quizzes of shows such as Heroes, Charmed, Buffy, and more.

59. What Action Hero Would You Be?: Always wanted to be in an action movie? Then take this quiz to see which one you would be best suited for.

60. TV Leading Ladies Quiz: Think you have a lot in common with Buffy or Ally McBeal? Then take this test to see which of primetime’s leading ladies you have most in common with.

61. The Animal In You: To identify your animal personality, answer the questions below and the test will build a mathematical model that corresponds to your animal personality. Just select your answers from a drop down menu and hit submit to get your answer.

62. Which Star Wars Character Are You?: With 30 years of popularity, this franchise has many characters you could be like. This series of questions will determine your Star Wars fate with answers from episodes one through six.

Best Personality Quizzes for Career

These quizzes are ideal for employees, job seekers, or bosses to test the personalities of those they work with or enhance their own knowledge.

63. Business Etiquette IQ: Learn when to shake hands, exchange cards, etc. with this quiz designed to help you make the best impression. Results available by email.

64. The Assertiveness Quiz: This quiz is ideal for those who can never say “no” or are constantly treated as doormats. Take it to see what you can do to grow your assertiveness.

65. Dr. Phil Quiz: This test is given by the human relations departments at many of the major corporations today. It helps them get better insight concerning their employees in only ten simple questions.

66. Are You Making the Most of a New Job?: First impressions are extremely important. Find out if you’re planning for your future as well as you could be with this quiz.

67. Retirement Quiz: Examining the benefits of working can help you decide if you should continue to work or retire. Take this quiz of yes or no questions to see if your time has come.

68. Career Test: This test is brought to you by CareerFitter and can tell you your work personality and how best to apply it. There are also other career related links.

69. Expense Account Quiz: Take the “GQ” expanded quiz and find out just how corrupt you are. Most questions deal with abuse of expense accounts.

70. Financial I.Q.: Know how to make money, but not spend it? Then take this quiz to learn how to spend wisely.

Best Quizzes for Health

From life expectancy to health problems, get tips for living better with these health quizzes.

71. Vitality Compass: Find out how old you actually are with this quiz from the world renowned Blue Zones. You also get biological age, life expectancy, health life, and blue zone years.

72. Relationship Health Profile Test: Is your relationship health in trouble? Then take this quiz to be sure.

73. Are You Too Fat?: How do you calculate your body mass index? What is ideal body weight? And what does a Bod Pod do? This free test will help you analyze how much you know about weight and health.

74. Eating Smart: “Time” magazine brings you this quiz to teach the basics and advanced principles of eating smart. Learn about many common and rare effects that food can have on you.

75. What Do You Know About Blood Clots?: This condition can appear suddenly and have devastating consequences. Learn how to avoid it and spot the warning signs with this quiz.

76. How Well Do You Burn Calories?: This quiz is great for those who want to learn more about diet, nutrition, weight, and exercise. A bonus is that each answer gives you a detailed description.

77. Alcoholism Quiz: Learn the difference between an alcoholic and social drinker with this upfront quiz. Twenty questions can help you decide if you have a problem.

78. Living to 100: This Life Expectancy Calculator uses the most current and carefully researched medical and scientific data in order to estimate how old you will live to be. After taking the test, you will receive a list of recommendations to extend your score.

79. How Long Will You Live?: Another life expectancy quiz, this one comes from the University of Pennsylvania. You can get a short or long version and even play a longevity game.

80. Are You Getting Enough Sleep?: This quiz is ideal for those who feel tired all the time. Take the quiz to get the basics on sleep or read the related article.

Best Quizzes for Relationships

Everyone from the newly dating to the long time married will enjoy these quizzes to learn more about your relationship.

81. Chemistry Test: Another test from Dr. Phil, it is designed to help you gauge how your relationship lifestyle is working. As superficial as some of these items may sound, they can have a powerful influence on your relationship.

82. Karmic Love Reading: Enter your information to get a free reading on past relationships along with advice for the future. This site uses astrology and birth location to give you your results by email.

83. Partner Awareness Quiz: Designed to give you a quick overview of how well you really know your partner, each question is a true or false. Find out how well your partner knows you by having them take this.

84. Commitment Issues Quiz: A common problem for both men and women, this quiz will let you know. Take the quiz yourself, or have your partner do it.

85. The Newlywed Quiz: Know your spouse better than they know you? Prove it by taking this quiz, wagers are optional.

86. Are You A Give Up Couple?: This is the name for people who throw in the towel on romance once they settle down. Take this short quiz to see if you are one and how to avoid becoming one.

87. Did You Marry Your Mom? : Every couple’s nightmare, find out if you meet this standard by taking this quiz. In four short questions, you will have the answer.

Best Personality Type Personality Quizzes

Get even more quizzes based on certain personality types, habits, preferences, and even hand writing.

88. Personality Quiz: Visit here for a variety of short tests that attempt to analyze your personality by interpreting your reactions to various events. Choose from personality, inner traits, love, and more.

89. Life Strategies Personality Tests: Dr. Phil is one of the leading experts in the nation and offers this test to see if you are a porcupine, chicken little, poser, or a whiner. You can also get more useful personality links on the site.

90. Are You An A$&*@^?: We all know at least a few, but are you one of them? Take this quick true and false quiz from “Forbes” to make sure.

91. Type A Personality Quiz: Do people believe you are constantly hurried or stressed? Then take this test to see if you qualify as this often characterized personality.

92. Are You Normal About TV?: It can be fun, engaging, and relaxing, but is television taking too much of your time? Made for women, but men with an open mind can take it as well.

93. Color Quiz: This free five minute personality test is based on decades of research by color psychologists around the world. There are no complicated questions to answer, you simply choose colors with a click of the mouse.

94. The Big Five Personality Test: This test measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality. Learn more about the Big Five or compare your results to a friend’s.

95. Perfectionism Quiz: Take this personality test and find out if your drive for success is healthy. You can also get resources to relax your perfectionist traits.

96. Measure Your Happiness: This test was made in 1980 by the University of Illinois and is still in use today. Five simple questions will let you know how happy you are or if you need to make changes.

97. What Should You Name Your Baby?: Learn a lot about yourself by taking this quiz on the ideal name for your child. For extra laughs, get your kids or parents to take it.

98. Optimism Quiz: Seeing the glass as half full can definitely be a benefit in many aspects of life. Take this quiz to see if you qualify as an optimist.

99. How Green Are You?: Green is everywhere you go and even in quizzes. Test how much you know and separate fact from fiction with this quiz.

100. What Does Your Handwriting Say?: Simply use your mouse to write something in the box to get your results. You can even save your handwriting results and post them, not recommended for your signature.

Personality quizzes can not only be lots of fun, but informative as well. If you have some free time and a friend, family member, or loved one around, try taking one or all of these best 100 personality quizzes and share some laughs.


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