Caught on video: ‘Ghost’ of Michael Jackson at Neverland

Caught on video: ‘Ghost’ of Michael Jackson at Neverland

Is this ghostly apparition walking across the screen in the background at Michael Jackson’s Neverland mansion the spirit of the king of pop?

This ‘ghost’ video is now being widely circulated online. Whether you believe in ghosts or not — and Singaporeans and Asians certainly too — it makes for a good talking point, says STOMPer Mulder.

The MJ apparition appeared during a broadcast on CNN was first reported by the British tabloid, The Sun.

The video shows a shadowy figure passing in a corridor of Neverland before disappearing during the CNN programme, Inside Neverland, which featured an interview with Larry King and Jermaine Jackson.

Neither the presenter or the cameraman noticed the supposed apparition.

In web forums all over the world, fans are debating whether MJ is still with us, though as a ghost.

In a forum, one fan said: “It’s clearly not a shadow because, yeah, it’s not, there’s no one there to make a shadow, plus it’s completely see through.”

Another user said: “Maybe it was Michael, telling us that he is still here with us in spirit.”

But one fan said: “You guys are craaaaaazy! It’s too tall to be Michael, his spirit isn’t roaming Neverland, it’s resting and at peace. Only disturbed souls creep around.”


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