Michael Jackson’s ‘ghost’ appears again

Michael Jackson’s ‘ghost’ appears again

Whenever a celeb dies, there will invariably be ghost sightings. Or people will report “sightings” of him or her, says STOMPer Bad Boy, who had this clip emailed to him today.

Even American President Abraham Lincoln’s ghost is believed to be haunting the White House. And what about those Elvis sightings reported all over the world?

Well, MJ’s ghost is now being seen at Neverland and captured on video on at least two occasions.

The latest clip shows the late King of Pop’s image appearing behind his older brother Jermaine Jacksom during a Dateline NBC Interview at the Neverland ranch on July 3, 2009. There is apparently no video editing trick used here.

But the first one which emerged during the CNN programme involving Larry King was no ghostly apparition but explained as a shadow (see second video). But “shadow” of what?

If it is a ghost, says, Bad Boy, then it shows how badly MJ wanted to live or how desperate he was not to leave his kids or his beloved home, Neverland, behind. Judge for yourself, says Bad Boy.

Michael Jackson’s ‘ghost appears behind Jermaine Jackson in interview

First MJ ghost explained



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