Net pervert sets up new blog amid police probe


Net pervert sets up new blog amid police probe
Netizens have been tracking him since 2006 and posted warnings in online forums
By Special Correspondent
July 10, 2009

HE IS being investigated by the police, but it hasn’t stopped him from continuing with his sordid online activities.

Footprints of the online marketer, in his 30s and known better by his moniker nottiboy134, have surfaced online again – just days after he deleted a host of sex-related websites set up earlier.

On Tuesday, a new website, brazenly titled ‘SG Notti Boy returns’, surfaced on the Internet.

In a write-up on the new website, the website administrator lists, among his targets, ‘girls studying in primary school’.

The website owner also announced that his original MSN account, which he had widely broadcast online over the last two years, was ‘no longer in use’, and that girls would have to chat with him with a newly-set up account.

As of yesterday, the original MSN account the man had been using for the past few years was still active. He was online, but his nickname had been changed to ‘SG Good Boy’.

Before The New Paper on Sunday first reported on the man’s online activities, on 21Jun, he had been running at least five sex-related websites – including one which showed pictures of scantily clad pre-teen girls accompanied by sexually suggestive captions.

He had called the password-protected site a ‘safe haven for primary school girls to express their sexy feelings and naughty thoughts among themselves’.

On his sites, he had also encouraged young girls to chat with him on MSN Messenger. He also set up several accounts on social networking sites to befriend young girls.

A 16-year-old student, who had teamed up with four other friends in an attempt to expose the man online, is now assisting police in their investigations.

In April, he had chatted with the man on two occasions, pretending to be a 12-year-old girl.

At the end of the conversation, he managed to convince the man to give him his handphone number as well as access to the password-protected blog containing the suggestive pictures of children.

He told The New Paper he was surprised the man was still active online.

‘He has already been contacted by the police, and yet still is shameless enough to set up a new blog,’ the student said.

He added that he felt the man should be banned from using the Internet altogether.

But even then, the man’s behaviour, if left unchecked, could be dangerous, he said.

‘Even if he were banned from the Internet, he still can continue in real life until he is taken to task,’ he said.

One of the student’s friends, who also chatted with nottiboy134 pretending to be a young girl, said the man retaliated when he discovered he was being tricked.

He said: ‘He gave our MSN Messenger addresses to about 50 strangers, who added us to their contact lists and sent us obscene messages.’

He added that he did not pursue the matter because ‘there was nothing much that could be done’.

It seems nottiboy134 has been active online from as early as 2006 on several social networking sites and forums.

Many netizens had posted forum threads cautioning other users against him, while others played online vigilantes, chatting with the man and posting pictures of the man on forum threads and blogs.

One netizen, who calls himself the Blog Inspector, even devoted a blog entry to a ‘special report’ about the man, complete with pictures of him posing with a child.

The netizen wrote: ‘The plan (was) to trick him into believing we were actually interested in him, then make him come out to meet us…

‘We’ll carry out the mission when we have gathered enough information and have come up with a really good plan to expose the pervert.’


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