Teacher attacks students after class taunts him with Jackson song
Class, people are going to die
A 14-year-old boy who swore at his teacher suffered serious injuries when the teacher lunged at him and clobbered him with a 2kg metal weight.
12 July 2009

A 14-year-old boy who swore at his teacher suffered serious injuries when the teacher lunged at him and clobbered him with a 2kg metal weight.

According to several British newspapers, the Wednesday morning incident in the respected All Saints Roman Catholic Comprehensive School in Nottinghamshire was sparked off by a schoolgirl who swore at her teacher and tore up a book during a physics lesson.

Mr Peter Harvey, 48, is said to have kicked her bag, telling her: ‘If you damage school property, the school will damage your property.’

As she fled to reception, his class reportedly sang taunting lines ‘I’m staring at the psycho in the mirror’ to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror, reported Daily Mail.

Student Jack Waterhouse then intervened and Mr Harvey hit him repeatedly with the weight from a set of scales after the boy also swore at him, pupils said.

One student said: ‘Apparently, he ran up behind Jack and got him in a headlock. Another tried to help, but Mr Harvey dragged that kid off and supposedly threw a weight.

‘He then went back to Jack and dragged him into a back storeroom and hit him on the temple with the weight.’

Then Mr Harvey allegedly dragged Jack back out into the classroom where he kicked him on the floor and hit a girl who attempted to intervene.

‘There was blood everywhere. Mr Harvey had completely lost it and was saying people were going to die,’ the sixth-former said.

Police called to the scene found Jack lying in blood at the entrance to the classroom.

The boy was rushed to a local hospital and later, to a specialist unit at Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre suffering from head injuries.

His condition has since improved, said the Daily Telegraph, and he was conscious and talking on Thursday.


Police are holding Mr Harvey on suspicion of attempting to murder a teenage pupil and assaulting two other children.

Mr Harvey, a married father of two daughters who lives near the school and cycles to work every day, is believed to have recently been treated for ‘stress-related problems’.

The well-respected science teacher has since had Internet pages set up in support of him from pupils past and present, and their parents.

Former pupil Tom Blythe, 19, said Mr Harvey’s bald head and beer belly – accompanied sometimes by a beard or ‘wacky’ moustache – earned him the affectionate nickname of ‘(a kind of) Nutty Professor’.

But he added: ‘I never saw him lose his rag. He’d shout at you but never got physical.’

A leafleting campaign supporting the teacher is also planned outside the school.

Yesterday, detectives were given more time to question Mr Harvey, who is now being held on suspicion of attempted murder.

Mr Harvey, who has not been charged yet, will also face two counts of assault on the other two children who are not seriously injured, police said.

Detective Superintendent Adrian Pearson said about 20 pupils in class at the time were assisting the investigation, and said the incident had been out of character for the prestigious school.

He said: ‘It was a trauma to all those involved. It was a full, lively classroom and I can understand the trauma to all the staff. Something like this is very rare.’

The school’s headmaster, Ms Maureen Cobbett, refused to take calls but wrote a letter informing parents about the incident and added that counselling had been arranged for pupils and staff.

At Mr Harvey’s home near the school, his wife Samantha was being comforted by a family friend, who said: ‘We can’t say anything at the moment because we don’t really know anything.

‘Peter is still with the police. I don’t think his wife could cope with saying anything right now. She is very, very upset.’


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