Hitler’s swastika banned in Europe but why so common in Singapore?

Hitler’s swastika banned in Europe but why so common in Singapore?

It might not be such a big deal to encounter the swastika symbol in Singapore, but it is one that is actually banned in Europe, according to a STOMPer.

In an email sent to STOMP yesterday (July 12), the STOMPer wrote:

“Across Europe, there are laws in place to prohibit the display of a swastika in any form or fashion.

“Unfortunately, swastikas are very common in Singapore and they are fashion symbols proudly displayed on shirts, pins, hats and bags.

“They are worn by youths as a symbol of anti-establishment. anti-governement and anti-capitalism and they believe it to be equivalent to advertising Che Guevara’s face.

“Little do they know, Swastikas are the iconic logo created by Adolf Hitler as the official symbol the Third Reich, a fascist regime responsible for the death of almost 17 million Jews.

“Today, for the first time, I saw a pavement, a government infrastructure, marked with a half meter swastika.

“Walked over by millions, it went unreported and unnoticed for approximately 15 years (estimated age of pavement).

“Are pedestrians so blind? Or do they just don’t care about Singapore?

“I’ll walk on the other side of the street from now on.”



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