Race Queen thrills Car-nival crowd of 70,000 at Singapore Expo

Race Queen thrills Car-nival crowd of 70,000 at Singapore Expo

18-year-old Nicola Bennett impressed the judges with her good looks and sleek poses to clinch the coveted title of Car-nival 2009 Race Queen. Besides the pageant, the CATS Car-nival drew more than 70,000 motoring enthusiasts last Sunday (Jul 12) with its wide range of events and merchandise.
Standing at a lithe 1.6m, 18-year-old Nicola Bennett clinched the coveted title of Car-nival 2009 Race Queen with her cool confidence and poise.

It’s all for the fun and exposure, said Nicola, whose father is British and her mother Indonesian. A Singapore permanent resident who has been in Singapore for 16 years, Nicola is currently pursuing a degree with the London School of Economics.

This outstanding blend of beauty with brains saw her emerge the winner amongst 60 participants. Nicola bagged a cash prize of $2,000 and a portfolio session with a professional photography studio.

The pageant was certainly not the only thing that drew more than 70,000 visitors to the event at the Singapore Expo on Sunday, July 12.

In addition to the baby-crawling race and office-chair race, for motoring enthusiasts and those hunting around for a vehicle, the vast array of merchandise consisting of hundreds of new and pre-owned cars, accessories and peripherals proved to be an irresistible lure.

“I’m very satisfied with the range of products here today,” said Johan Bin Abdullah, 34, who serves in the uniformed services. “With new and used cars and a huge selection of products and services, Car-nival caters to a very broad spread of customers, and not just motoring enthusiasts.”




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