S’pore mall snubs bikers, but Johor malls treat them like VIPs

S’pore mall snubs bikers, but Johor malls treat them like VIPs

STOMPer Veteran Biker is irritated that West Mall’s carpark doesn’t have lots for motorcyclists. In contrast, some malls in Johor even have lockers for motorcyclists to store their helmets!
In his email dated Jul 12:
“Last week when I visited West Mall in Bukit Batok I was irritated when I approached the entrance to the underground car park of the shopping centre. At the entrance was this notice which says NO PARKING FOR MOTORCYCLISTS.
“I felt insulted as I was made to feel like a pariah customer in our affluent society because I happened to ride a motorbike.

“In Johor most shopping centres have ample parking lots for motorbikes and they are welcomed with open arms. In this photo you can see the words proudly declaring ‘LOCKER UNTUK HELMET’. Their shopping malls welcome all motorcyclists as they generate substantial revenue.

“Near the parking area I saw these lockers for helmets. The cost for storage is only two 50 sen coins (RM 1.00) which is equivalent to S$0.41. I have decided to do my shopping in Johor as I am always treated like a VIP come rain or shine.

“Why can’t our shopping malls extend a welcome hand to motorcyclists as they, too, contribute to the earnings of the shops even in times of recession?”



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