Jacko’s body in mogul’s tomb?

Jacko’s body in mogul’s tomb?
Remains believed to be kept there until family feud over burial ends
July 14, 2009 Print Ready Email Article

HIS FAMILY still cannot decide how to make the best from the death of their most famous child.

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DIVIDED? The Jackson family at the front row during Michael Jackson’s memorial service. PICTURE: AP

So while Michael Jackson’s kin quibble over how to best profit from his death, the King of Pop’s body lies in the crypt belonging to music industry mogul Barry Gordy, reported the New York Post.

According to the Post, Jackson’s gold-plated casket was taken from the memorial service back to the white marble, above-ground crypt Mr Gordy bought for his family in the Court of Remembrance section of the Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills.

Jackson’s body is still missing his brain, which coroners are temporarily keeping for testing.

Besides Jackson, the simple mausoleum is empty and marked only with a distinctive swooping letter ‘G’.

Sources told the Post that Gordy, who discovered the Jackson 5 singing group, of which Jackson was a part of, offered the use of the crypt until Jackson’s family sort out what to do with his remains.

But the New York Daily News said Gordy’s spokesman denied that Gordy’s family had a crypt at the cemetery, or that Jackson’s body was in it.

Jackson’s death certificate names Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills as his body’s temporary resting place.

On Friday, a spokesman for the Jackson family said they had not told him of the final burial plans and it seems the family is divided.

Jackson’s brother Jermaine and his father, Mr Joseph Jackson, allegedly want the King of Pop to be buried at Neverland ranch in southern California, so they can profit off a proposed Graceland-style museum there.

But Jackson’s mother, Mrs Katherine Jackson, and most of his other siblings, want his body to be buried somewhere else out of respect for his wish – to never return to Neverland following his acquittal on child-molestation charges.

A family source said: ‘Jermaine is the one that wants him at Neverland – he and Joseph – because of the whole Elvis thing… They are seeing dollar signs.’

But the family plans to go ahead with a proposed documentary that could bring in US$20 million ($30m).

Los Angeles police department chief William Bratton told CNN that detectives are looking at Jackson’s medical and drug history.

He said the US Drug Enforcement Administration and California’s Attorney General’s Office, which keeps a database of drugs, are helping with investigations.



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