Quick-footed MJ escaped beatings as a kid


Quick-footed MJ escaped beatings as a kid
July 19, 2009     Print Ready           Email Article

POP legend Michael Jackson used to escape beatings from his father when he was a child by swiftly dodging and weaving his way to safety, brother Tito Jackson said on Thursday.

Tito said the King of Pop’s footwork was so fast when he was young that his belt-wielding father Joe Jackson was often reduced to laughter in efforts to catch him.

‘Most of the time Michael was so quick my father couldn’t hit him,’ Tito said in an interview with London’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

‘He’d swing the belt and Michael would be over there, he’d swing again and Michael would be over here.

‘My father used to just stop and laugh because he couldn’t hit him.’

‘Michael would just dance around him. My father would get tired and give up,’ he added.

Jackson died on 25 Jun aged 50 after suffering an apparent cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.

Mr Joe Jackson, a steel worker in the industrial city of Gary, Indiana, groomed his nine children into musical sensations starting from the Jackson 5 to the phenomenal careers of Michael and younger sister Janet Jackson.

Michael later said that his father would beat him when he missed a note and emotionally humiliate him, contributing to the future star’s psychological fragility, but also planting in him the will to succeed.

Tito said he held no ill feelings towards his father about the way he was raised, saying he was a ‘disciplining type of father’, reported AFP.

‘From those of us not raised in our generation, they might not understand it. You got a big punishment or you got spanked for it. That’s the way it was.’

Autopsy report to take longer

On Thursday, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said it will take longer than first expected to complete Jackson’s full autopsy report.

The office previously expected to wrap up the report late this week or early next week.

But Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said that it’s now expected to be two weeks away. He declined to explain the reason for the delay, reported AP.

The toxicology report should include what drugs were in Jackson’s system when he died and whether they caused his death. That will be key in determining whether any criminal charges are brought.

Meanwhile, a new Michael Jackson song titled A Place with No Name was unveiled on celebrity news website TMZ.com on Thursday.

The website, the first media outlet to report Jackson’s death, carries a snippet of the song, saying it was unclear when it was recorded.

The lyrics and the tune are similar to the 1971 hit ballad A Horse with No Name by the group America.

‘The band was honoured that Michael chose to do their song and they hope it becomes available for all Michael’s fans to hear,’ Mr Jim Morey, America’s current manager, told TMZ.com.



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