‘Gangs’ responsible for graffiti at Pasir Ris mangrove site

‘Gangs’ responsible for graffiti at Pasir Ris mangrove site

STOMPer MangroveMan is upset that there is so much graffiti at this Pasir Ris mangrove site, and suspects that gangs are responsible for the mess.

In an email to STOMP yesterday (Jul 20), the STOMPer said:

“I am a regular visitor to Pasir Ris mangrove.

“The place is quite popular especially with couples and school children.

“Sometimes, entire gangs congregate there, and I simply take a different path to avoid them, thus, I never really minded their presence there.

“However, things changed on my visit today when I found that they had sprayed graffiti on the boardwalk, as well as on an informative signboard.

“There was a gang present at the platform over the river, but I could not be sure it was them who did it. Neither was I foolhardy enough to confront any of them in the presence of the whole gang.

“As a nature lover, I am disappointed that they have done such things. Such places are rare in urban Singapore, and Pasir Ris mangrove is already quite a polluted place, so defacing the signboards that once provided good information on the area is like destroying something treasured.

“What’s done is done, the relevant authorities would probably undo the damage in time to come, but I hope that the vandals would leave this place in peace.”



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