An effective way to keep the flies away: Hang up a CD or bag of water

An effective way to keep the flies away: Hang up a CD or bag of water

A STOMPer noticed these discs hanging from a stall in the wet market and found out that the light refraction from the discs help to keep houseflies away.

STOMPer Entomologist says:

“It was 2pm on a Monday and the stall holders at the wet market were packing up their things to call it a day.

“I passed a fishmonger’s stall and saw these CDs and DVDs hung up at the stall.

“When I asked the fishmonger why he put up these CDs he told me that these were very effective in driving away the flies from his stall.

“On my last visit to Pulau Ubin I also noticed that the lady boss of the restaurant hang up a transparent plastic bag of water and she also told me that the bag of water is effective in driving away houseflies.

“Is this truth or fiction?

“Flies spend much of their time buzzing around carcasses, rubbish dumps and animal droppings.

“Then loaded with germs, these flies swarm around your durian and sandwich and you get really annoyed.

“Also, flies spread diseases which are harmful to us.

“Entomologists believe that flies are repelled by DVDs and CDs because of light refraction.

“The fly has a highly sensitive array of eyes which allow it to see in multiple directions at the same time.

“The insect’s head consists of a pair of large complex eyes, each of which is composed of 6,000 simple eyes.

“They provide the fly with a mosaic view of the surrounding.

“Each simple eye provides one small piece of the puzzle, much like the way a screen’s pixel delivers one aspect of the larger picture.

“A housefly finds its direction by sensing where the sunlight comes from.

“When three complex eyes experience refracted light, the insect becomes confused and flies away immediately.

“So, in a nutshell, if you want to keep flies away, just hang up a DVD or a bag water below the light.”


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