Choa Chu Kang coffeeshop refuses to accept my 20-cent coin

Choa Chu Kang coffeeshop refuses to accept my 20-cent coin

STOMPer DK tried to use this 20-cent coin to pay for part of his breakfast at a Choa Chu Kang coffeeshop, only to be told it can’t be used as the staff there said it was not a currency accepted by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).

In an email sent to STOMP today (July 23), the STOMPer wrote:

“On July 17 at about 0845hrs, I was at Choa Chu Kang NTUC Foodfare behind the MRT station having breakfast.

“I ordered an iced coffee at a price of 90cents or $1.20. (I forgot).

“I paid the counter staff the correct amount by using coins.

“Before I walked off with my drink, I was stopped by the staff telling me that they can’t accept this 20cents coins as shown in the picture.

“She told me that MAS had told them not to accept it.

“I was so shocked that I asked her, where did this news came from?

“And she twisted her words by saying that the manager said that.

“I would like to ask STOMPers: ‘Is this 20cents accepted in retail or are we going to have to check that very coins we use must be clean without any stains or marks?’”


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