I have no reason to harm my son

I have no reason to harm my son
July 23, 2009 Print Ready Email Article

HE DENIED physically abusing Michael Jackson when he was young.

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NOT SURPRISED: Mr Joe Jackson says he is not hurt that he is not mentioned in son Michael’s will. PICTURE: AP

And similarly said that reports of him approaching the pop star’s children about touring next year as the Jackson 3 was ‘a bunch of jive’ and not true.

Mr Joe Jackson, father of the late singer, went on TV yesterday and spoke candidly about his son’s sudden death to CNN’s Larry King.

Addressing persistent accusations that he had abused the pop star as a kid, Mr Jackson said: ‘Never. Never have…Harm Michael, for what? I have no reason. That’s my son. I loved him and I still love him.’

On the Jackson 3 allegation, the patriarch who turned his sons into the Jackson 5, said: ‘Not true. That’s a bunch of jive. That’s a bunch of – I wish I could say what I should say. That’s a bunch of bull.’

Wearing a black fedora and a gold medallion of Africa around his neck, Mr Jackson said he took the sudden 25 Jun death of his son ‘very hard’.

Asked about the findings of the private autopsy – which daughter LaToya Jackson last week said she’s seen – he answered: ‘Well, they have not showed it to me’.

He also said he did not know where his son’s body has been kept since the memorial service.

He also denied that he was legally separated from Katherine Jackson – his wife of 60 years – although he did say he spends most of his time in Las Vegas. His wife lives in the family home in Encino, California.

Mr Jackson repeated his suspicion that foul play was involved in his son’s death last month, but he conceded he did not know what happened. He said he had been blocked from seeing or talking to his son in the days before his death.

But he implied his son’s personal doctor, Dr Conrad Murray, may be to blame for the death.

‘The doctor gave him something to make him rest, and then he don’t wake up no more. Something is wrong there,’ he said. He did not refer to Dr Murray by name.

AP tried reaching the doctor but could not find a listing.

Two messages left with his attorney, Mr Edward Chernoff, on Monday night were not immediately returned, it said.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and removed several bottles of the powerful anaesthetic Propofol from Jackson’s home, according to a person with knowledge of the investigation. The person is not authorised to speak publicly and requested anonymity.

‘Not hurt’

Mr Jackson said he was not surprised or hurt to learn Michael had left him out of his will.

‘That’s the way he wanted it,’ he said.

‘And it’s not going to hurt me that I was left out of his will. But it happened.’

The will, written in 2002, places all of Jackson’s assets into a family trust that benefits his mother, his three children and various charities.

Meanwhile, Sony movie studio has bid US$50 million ($72 million) to acquire the worldwide distribution rights to a film based on rehearsal footage for Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ comeback concert series, a person familiar with the bid told AFP.

The person said the bid came after several studios, including Paramount, Universal and 20th Century Fox, were shown footage starting early last week.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the bidding had not been completed.

None of the studios would comment on the record.

The winning studio would produce the film with Jackson’s concert promoter, AEG Live, and his estate.

It would go a long way to helping AEG Live recoup some of the US$30 million to US$32 million it spent producing the 50-concert tour that Jackson was supposed to go on.



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