Look at the kinds of cycling goondus on our roads

Look at the kinds of cycling goondus on our roads

Does wearing safety gear allow cyclists to use the roads with less care? That’s what STOMPer Stomp stomper wonders after noticing that cyclists who put on safety gear are more daring than those who do not.

The pictures sent in are stills from video recordings taken by the sender’s camera.

From the pictures, one can tell that cyclists with safety gear on not only take up an entire lane to themselves, they also tend to travel in groups.

In contrast, cyclists without safety gear seem to be more careful, riding by the side of the road or on the pavement if there is one.

In an email, STOMPer Stomp stomper says:

“These are snap shots from recorded videos taken along Nicoll highway on different days.

“You can see those cycling on the double yellow lines don’t have much safety gear but those with safety gear tend to take up one whole lane to themselves.

“It seems like those without safety gear have more respect for their lives and other road users.

“Does safety gear make the cyclists safe enough so they can occupy one lane to themselves and cycle in a group? Other road users must give way to them.

“If they can occupy one lane, then what is the speed for cyclists and when can they be considered to be road hogging?

“If an automobile or motorcycle drives behind a group of cyclists, can the automobile or motorcycle be fined for road hogging?

“Do these cyclists have insurance to pay third party damages if they cause any accidents?”




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