Pat Mok’s bad-girl behaviour on talk show makes her a bad role model

Pat Mok’s bad-girl behaviour on talk show makes her a bad role model
Popular MediaCorp artiste Patricia Mok is a bad role model says STOMPer Pants on Fire, who feels that her arrogant and nonchalant behaviour on a Channel U talk show reflected badly on her attitude.

This STOMPer says:”I caught the Channel U show at 8pm on 22nd July 2009. It was an interview by the hosts, Guo Liang and Quan Yifeng with Patricia Mok.

“The question that comes about is: With all due respect, is Ms Patricia Mok fit to be an artiste, considering that she is a role model on the screen for many impressionable teenagers?

“On the show, her desperate attempt to paint a beautiful picture of herself, coupled with lies that were being exposed by the host, Mr Guo, speaks volumes about her integrity.

“In instances where she was being exposed, she would say that she ‘could not recall’ or that ‘it was a joke’.

“On topics pertaining to her bad behaviour in situations that she was involved in previously, she also nonchalantly commented that she cannot be bothered with apologies.

“She said she saw no need to apologize for the mistakes and the unruly comments she had made.
“Is this the right attitude of an artiste and what message is she trying to bring across?

“I strongly believe that all artistes should be humble enough to apologize for the mistakes that they have made; no matter how minor they are.

“Would MediaCorp care to comment on her behaviour in yesterday’s show?”


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