Stubborn driver refuses to move lorry blocking exit

Stubborn driver refuses to move lorry blocking exit

The inconsiderate driver of this lorry not only blocked the exit at the Whampoa Drive market, he also refused to move it, forcing a STOMPer to dangerously exit via the entrance.

Even though the man claimed he was unloading goods, the sender says that he was not. Instead, he was chatting to his friends at the market and taking his own leisurely time.

The STOMPer says:

“I was driving out from Whampoa Drive market at Blk 92, on July 23 at around 12 pm.

“When I reached the exit of the carpark, I saw a lorry blocking the exit so I horned to alert the driver.

“The driver walked towards the lorry only after I horned about three to four times.

“The worst thing is that the driver, who is circled in the picture below, told me to just go through the small opening at the exit or by the entrance, because he was unloading his goods, which he wasn’t.

“Later, he just walked off to the fruit stall again, chatting to others without moving his lorry away.

“I had no choice but to go out by the entrance, causing a jam and danger to others.”


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