Cheating couple use ‘sick child’ to solicit money from kind strangers


Cheating couple use ‘sick child’ to solicit money from kind strangers

This couple has been seen asking passers-by for money to take their ‘seriously ill’ child to the hospital.

STOMPer Lee Liz believes that this is a scam and warns residents in Ang Mo Kio to be wary of this cheating couple.

This STOMPer says:

“This young couple are always seen in the Ang Mo Kio Ave 3/5/10 neighbourhood pushing their toddler son (looks thin and sallow) in a stroller (blue and white).

“Both are slim, dark and have tattoos on their upper torso, the lady has long hair and the man is always seen with a cap and a haversack.

“They have been going around asking for money (spotted at Block 555 and 550) for a cab ride to KK Hospital, saying that their child is seriously ill or having an asthma attack.

“Besides asking money for the taxi ride, they will also ask for additional money for medical treatment.

“Three victims have been confirmed and the police were contacted. Police said they will step up patrol in that area.

“This couple got caught in the act when 5 victims from 3 separate incidents spoke to their colleagues and discovered that they all had been cheated of their money by the same people.

“They were cheated of $5, $10 and $20 individually, whilst another 2 realised that they were cheated when they refuted the couple’s request for money.

“When that happened, the couple jumped into a taxi and made a jeering face at them.

“Please note and guard yourself against these callous people who have no qualms about using their innocent son in their scam by exploiting people’s kindness!”


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