He chopped her up & dumped parts…

HK man denies killing teen, but tells police:
He chopped her up & dumped parts…

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    HE SLIT her throat, chopped her head off and put it in a plastic bag.

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    GRUESOME: Ting (above) being led away by police. He admitted to disposing of body parts belonging to Miss Wong (below) in various parts of Hong Kong. PICTURES: ORIENTAL DAILY NEWS, THE SUN

    He then he cut off her limbs and flushed them down the toilet.

    These gruesome details were revealed in the Hong Kong High Court as it heard the case of transport worker Ting Kai Tai, 24, who is accused of murdering schoolgirl Wong Ka Mui, 16.

    During the trial, several police video interviews with Ting were shown to the jury, reported The Standard.

    In one tape, he is heard saying that the way he disposed of the body was ‘too abnormal to describe’.

    But in subsequent interviews, Ting talked about how he dismembered the body and got rid of the individual parts.

    He then took a bus to the Kowloon City Pier and dumped the head in the sea.

    As for Miss Wong’s bones, he is believed to have taken them to the Shek Kip Mei Market, where he mixed them with pig bones in a basket used by butchers to dispose of animal parts.

    The gruesomeness of the descriptions prompted Ting’s lawyer to suggest that the police were trying to create prejudice against the accused.

    Defence counsel Finny Chan asked Detective Sergeant Tam Kai Tai: ‘Is it necessary to ask the defendant to give such grotesque and sordid details?’

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    Sgt Tam replied: ‘I though it was necessary.’

    The defence also claimed that Ting had been beaten up several times before the interviews and that he was told his friends would also be prosecuted if he complained.

    Sgt Tam denied the allegations.

    Despite having admitted to disposing of the body, Ting has pleaded not guilty to murder, which allegedly took place on 27April last year.

    Dazed by drugs

    He claimed that he was too dazed by drugs to remember everything that happened that fateful day.

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    Ting said that he was at a disco the night before the crime and had taken Ecstasy and ketamine.

    The next day, he paid HK$1,500 ($280) to have sex with Miss Wong at his home in Sham Shui Po, the court was told.

    The pair had met on the Internet.

    Ting told the police that he could only remember gripping the girl’s neck for ‘one or two minutes’ as they played ‘vigorously’ in bed, reported the South China Morning Post.

    He said he later woke up to find Miss Wong dead on the bed with blood flowing from her mouth.

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    But the testimony of a close friend contradicted this.

    As the trial went into its third day on Wednesday, Mr Xie Yande, who has known Ting for about 10 years, said the latter had called him on the night of the murder to say he had killed a girl.

    Mr Xie, 30, added that Ting said the girl told him she wanted to die, so he killed her while they were having sex, reported Apple Daily.

    In subsequent calls, said Mr Xie, Ting also told him about how he had disposed of the body.

    The witness told the court that he initially did not believe that Ting had actually killed someone.

    When they met later, Ting told him that it was just a joke.

    It was only when he read about the missing girl in the news that Mr Xie realised Ting could have been serious about his claims.

    The date she went missing and details like the location made him suspect that this was Ting’s victim.

    When the case first made headlines last year, news reports that some of the body parts had been disposed of at a market sparked a minor panic in Hong Kong.

    Police divers at that time failed to find her head in the waters off the pier, but officers did find human tissue mixed with sediment in an underground sewer pipe near Ting’s flat.



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