This must be S’pore’s longest-ever taxi queue

This must be S’pore’s longest-ever taxi queue

This long snaking queue of taxis at Battery Road got STOMPer M thinking. He feels that the apparent lack of ridership indicates that taxi fares should be reduced.
In an email today (July 24) STOMPer M wrote:
“I shot this video last week around 5:30 PM at Battery Road.
“Does ‘peak period’ mean a peak in the number of taxis waiting for customers?

“During the economic boom and when oil was expensive taxi fares went up.

“It is high time for it to come down, since the economy has still not recovered and oil prices have dropped by 50%.

“It is clear that taxis fares, especially at peak periods (with 35% surcharge, CBD surcharge etc.), have to come down to increase ridership.

“The overall decline in taxi ridership is a good indicator that things have to change.
“In an ideal world, supply and demand should be driving these changes. But unfortunately it is not happening because of taxi company structure.
“Daily rentals are not dependant on ridership.
“I think the daily rentals along with taxi charges should drop simultaneously.
“I wouldn’t be able to tell exactly what the drop should be – but personally I will avoid taxi’s as much as possible if the surcharges are more than 10%.
“But that’s my personal opinion.”
STOMP is rendering a video for this article.

S’pore’s longest-ever taxi queue?


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