‘What does it take before doctors will give H1N1 test to my sick son?’

‘What does it take before doctors will give H1N1 test to my sick son?’

Although STOMPer Periwinky‘s son suffers from symptoms of the H1N1 virus, staff at Kandang Kerbau Hospital refused to test him for the H1N1 strain.

The worried parent wonders why this is the case and claims that the hospital also did not test temperatures or provide masks for patients waiting in the emergency lobby on July 21.

As her son continues to suffer, Periwinky wonders what condition her son must be in for the hospital to treat the little boy’s condition seriously.

In an email, she says:

“On July 19, my son went to a neighbourhood clinic to consult a doctor for his runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever.

“The next morning, he was coughing very badly and was still running a temperature so I decided to bring him down to Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KK). After consultation, the doctor said that it was just a normal flu virus and we were given paracetamol and promethezine.

“In the afternoon, my boy started vomiting. On the same night, I decided to bring him back to KK.

“To my surprise, we were not given any masks upon arrival and no temperature scanning was completed. Our temperatures were taken in the day so why not at night?

“Also, my son has the symptoms of H1N1 but not given a swab test. If he really has H1N1, wouldn’t it spread to other patients at the waiting area?

“We waited for nearly three hours before we consulted a doctor. To my disappointment, no test was given and we were asked to go back after a prescription of cough syrup.

“The doctor said that there was a 50 per cent chance my son might have H1N1 but they would treat it as a normal flu.

“On July 23, my mum came down with the same symptoms but with additional diarrhea and breathing difficulties. She decided to go to Changi General Hospital and upon arrival, she was given a mask and her temperature was taken.

“She told the nurse about my son’s case and was admitted to isolation ward to be tested for H1N1.

“I think CGH has made the right move by taking precautions and conducting a test for H1N1.

“Until today, I am still not sure if my son is H1N1 positive. I brought him down to a neighbourhood clinic for his cough and the doctor asked us to send him back to KK.

“The doctor also wonders why KK did not do the swab test. I am hesitant in sending my child back there because they already told me that they did not feel a swab test was necessary.

“Must I wait for my son’s condition to get worse? Must he slip into coma before they decide to test him for H1N1?”



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