Harmful for guy to spread message that skinny is beautiful and fat is ugly

Harmful for guy to spread message that skinny is beautiful and fat is ugly

STOMPer Chrystal is worried about the message that popular Singaporean blogger Fauzi Rassull is trying to spread, when he told media that he was trying to lose and had set up two pro-anorexia groups.

In her email to STOMP today (July 25), the STOMPer wrote:

“Some of us might have read about this slim 20year old popular Singaporean blogger Fauzi Rassull, who flaunts his 1.73metres – 60kg frame in glamour shots splashed on his blog.

“Fauzi swears by his regimen of two meals a day consisting of bread, instant noodles and salad.

“’I don’t see myself as thin, I don’t think I am thin now,’ he insisted, saying he was aiming to cut his weight down to 53kg.

“Is he promoting the wrong message to the youth who thinks fat is ugly and that skinny is beautiful?”

According to reports, for anti-fat advocates like Fauzi, thin are in among Singapore teens and young adults, but experts warn that the fad is behind a worrying spike in the number of people developing eating disorders.
Fauzi’s dream weight would put him below the healthy range of the Body Mass Index (BMI) system used in many countries to measure fat.



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