Pri 1 teacher held scissors and threatened to cut off my son’s ear

Pri 1 teacher held scissors and threatened to cut off my son’s ear

An ‘impatient, young’ teacher threatened to cut off the ear of STOMPer Ong‘s 7-year-old son because of his poor handwriting. The teacher was allegedly holding a pair of scissors when she delivered the threat in front of the whole class.
In the STOMPer’s email dated Jul 26:
“My son who is 7 years old, is studying in Hong Wen school as a primary one student.
“He was threathened by his form teacher to cut off his ears because of his ‘not so perfect’ handwriting. The impatient young form teacher abused him verbally and made threats of physical harm.
“She held a pair of scissors at my boy, threathening to cut off his ears! My boy cried while moving backwards to avoid the scissor and the teacher.
“This incident traumatised him badly.
“The school principal has apologised but we do not feel the sincerity from the form teacher.
“We have written to MOE for investigation.
“I must also stress that the whole class of P1 students was watching the whole incident. They may have learnt to use threatening objects at one another from her.
“This is extremely unhealthy for the kids’ emotional development. As a parent, it is within my rights to contact MOE and to let other parents that such teachers exist!”


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