Taking budget airlines? Beware: they ‘suka-suka’ cancel flights

Taking budget airlines? Beware: they ‘suka-suka’ cancel flights


STOMPer RC booked flights with two budget airlines only to be told that their flights were cancelled or had to be rescheduled.

In his email to STOMP, the STOMPer wrote:

“I am writing in to inform everyone about the unreasonable services provided by budget airlines.

“My friends and I booked air tickets for a trip to Bali and Kota Kinabalu from Air Asia and Tiger Airways respectively.

“There were promotions all around, and they were offering cheap airfares. That’s the reason why my friends and I decided on the trips. We even started planning for the trip.

“Today, I receive two terrible emails from both airline companies.

“Firstly, Air Asia told us that our flight to Bali, which initially was scheduled at 9:55am, will be changed to 4pm!

“That is really unreasonable as this will cause us to have wasted one day.

“By doing that, is AirAsia going to compensate on our hotel charges?

“So I called AirAsia and thankfully, they manage to change our flight to an earlier flight at 10am.

“Which made me wonder, why did they schedule us for a 4pm flight, when there is actually a 10am flight available!?

“Next, I received an email from Tiger Airways, saying that they had suspended the flight. How can they just simply cancel the flight without even giving any reasons!?

“They stated that they were expanding and all, then why the hell are they cancelling flights?

“This is ridiculous! We had been planning for the trip, and now it has been cancelled!

“Deposits for accommodation had already been paid, and I don’t think they will be refunded. Is Tiger Airways going to compensate us for this lost?”

“In the first place, if they are going to do such a thing to us, they shouldn’t have come out with all these cheap promotion and cheat us!

“How can they cheat us into buying tickets, and then cancel on us suddenly! This is outrageous! We are so disappointed with what had happened.”



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