Free SK2 gimmick but it’s out of stock everywhere

Free SK2 gimmick but it’s out of stock everywhere


STOMPer y1n9 went to redeem a free bottle of SK2’s facial essence after completing an online survey, but was shocked to discover that the giveaways were out of stock islandwide.

This STOMPer wonders if the online promotion was just another marketing gimmick.

y1n9 says:

“I’m writing to warn everyone of SK2’s marketing gimmicks.

“Apparently there was a promotion on CozyCot Forum about completing a SK2 survey to redeem a free 30ml essence.

“I personally went to the SK2 counter at Tampines Isetan.

“Before I approached the counter lady she shoo-ed me off when she saw the redemption email in my hand and said that the fully redeemable sample was out of stock.
“I checked with her whether it was just in this outlet and she said it was out of stock everywhere. 

“I later read in an online forum that many others had also made a wasted trip down to the SK2 outlets.

“I believe that this was just a marketing gimmick by them. Probably they only gave it to the lucky few who went down on the first day, even though they didn’t state that it was limited stock.

“Fellow ladies don’t bother wasting a trip there.”


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