Master plan in bomb maker’s computer

Master plan in bomb maker’s computer
Aussie paper: Bali still a target says …
THE terrorists who bombed the hotels in Indonesia had a master plan which was discovered as early as 2005 after Bali was hit for the second time, reported Australian papers.
27 July 2009
THE terrorists who bombed the hotels in Indonesia had a master plan which was discovered as early as 2005 after Bali was hit for the second time, reported Australian papers.

The plan was found on the computer of Azahari bin Husin, bombmaker Noordin Mohammad Top’s right-hand man, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

Azahari was shot dead during a police raid on his hideout in November 2005 following the second Bali bombings that year. It is unclear whether Azahari or Noordin wrote the guidelines.

Parts of the plan, that had not been published, reveal the terrorist network, headed by the fugitive mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top, decided to target places in Bali where tourists gathered outside hotels.

In a detailed research for the most effective place to launch an attack, the planner recorded why Jimbaran in Bali, rather than the more crowded holiday areas of Kuta or Legian, was likely to be the best target.

According to the Australian, the planner wrote: ‘Survey results show that the number of foreigners is far higher at Jimbaran.

‘Indeed, visitors at Jimbaran are businessmen as compared to the foreigners on Jalan Legian who are mostly young people.

‘The deaths of foreign businessmen will have a greater impact than those of young people.’

This could explain why they terrorists targeted foreign businessmen in the 17 Jul attacks on the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels, which killed nine people.

The plan also said Bali should continue to be a central target as well as passengers on flights to or from Australia.

It also directed terrorists, carrying small bombs in backpacks, to target the memorial to the 2002 bombings in Bali that killed 202 people, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

Other targets included the art market in the mountain village of Ubud and beaches such as Kuta where tourists go to ‘see the sunset, get a massage or soak up the sun’.

Popular tourist destination

The plan urged terrorists to attack Bali because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Australians.

‘The enemy often gathers in restaurants and discos in Bali. A mass attack on the enemy is more possible there than anywhere else in Indonesia,’ the plan said.

The plan directed future attacks on Bali because it is ‘known around the world’ and any attack there would be covered by international media.

In a new development, more chilling details have emerged about the third bomb that was supposed to go off.

The unexploded device – a laptop computer filled with explosives and bolts – was found on the 18th floor of the J W Marriott hotel where the bombers had been staying.

It should have gone off first, sending hundreds of guests fleeing to the lobby where a suicide bomber was waiting, said Mr Ketut Untung Yoga of the national police.

‘It is clear that the bomb found inside the hotel was equipped with a timer that shows the time of the (failed) explosion,’ Mr Untung Yoga said. ‘It was supposed to explode before the other two.’

But the plan failed because the timer malfunctioned.

The recent attacks show a new level of sophistication, reported AP.

The bomb was placed in a room the men had rented two days earlier. They slipped through security checks and paid a US$1,000 ($1,440) cash deposit for their stay instead of using a credit card.

Experts say the entire operation – probably costing up to US$20,000 – could have been financed by hard-line Islamist groups in Indonesia.

Suspicion has focused on Noordin, a Malaysian fugitive who allegedly masterminded four earlier terrorist attacks.

‘It is possible that the team could have raised the funds needed through robberies,’ the International Crisis Group think tank said in an analysis on Friday.

‘But if it came from outside as before, Al-Qaeda would have to be a likely source.’


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