Terrible, there’s glass in my ice-cream!

Terrible, there’s glass in my ice-cream!

A STOMPer was shocked when her son took a piece of glass out from his mouth suddenly when they were eating ice-cream out from the tub.

Querido told STOMP via email today (Jul 27):

“Last week I bought one tub of chocolate ice-cream from a supermarket.

“Last night we were enjoying the ice-cream and suddenly my son cried out that he bit something.

“He took it out from his mouth and it was a piece of glass.

“Terrible, I was wondering how can this piece of glass be inside the ice-cream?

“If my son swallowed it, what will happen?

“I can’t imagine.

“Just want to share this with everybody so in future, people will be more careful when eating ice-cream.

“Never think that eating ice-cream is safe, you won’t know what will be inside one day.

“Hope the manufacturer can be more cautious about this.”



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