Ex-prostitute in Italian PM sex scandal


Ex-prostitute in Italian PM sex scandal claims…
‘PM offered me seat in European Parliament’
SHE was a prostitute and had zero political experience.
29 July 2009

SHE was a prostitute and had zero political experience.

Yet, she claimed she was offered a seat in the European Parliament – by none other than the Italian prime minister himself, Mr Silvio Berlusconi.

Ms Patrizia D’Addario, the prostitute at the centre of the sex scandal involving Mr Berlusconi, made the claim in an interview published in the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday, reported The Times.

Her revelation followed the release of audio tapes and transcripts last week that purportedly disclosed intimate conversations recorded while the couple were having sex.

If there was any truth to Ms D’Addario’s claim, it wouldn’t be the first time Mr Berlusconi had offered parliamentary seats to beautiful women with no political experience.

Earlier this year, he proposed female candidates such as a soap opera actress and a contestant on the reality TV show Big Brother to run in last month’s elections.


After an outcry led by his estranged wife Ms Veronica Lario, all but one of the women, Ms Barbara Matera, were dropped from the ballot for his People of Freedom party.

In the interview, Ms D’Addario talked about two occasions late last year when she was invited by businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini to functions at Mr Berlusconi’s official residence.

At the first dinner in mid-October, Ms D’Addario recalled, the only guests were the prime minister, Mr Tarantini and about 20 young women.

‘It was obvious to me that we were all escort girls,’ she said.

She said Mr Tarantini, who is being investigated by prosecutors for alleged corruption and abetting prostitution, paid her 1,000 euros ($2,050) and that Mr Berlusconi was to give her another ‘pay cheque’ if she stayed the night with him on 4 Nov.

During the second visit, Ms D’Addario said Mr Berlusconi did not pay her.

Instead, she claimed, he promised to help her to resolve an issue over a building permit in the southern city of Bari.

‘He promised to send me two people to take care of a problem I had with planning permission which was blocking a building project,’ she said.

‘To me, that was equal to earning 2,000 euros extra. That project was really close to my heart and he understood that, so I was satisfied. But that is not what happened. Instead, he offered me a seat in the European Parliament.’

Ms D’Addario added that she no longer works as a prostitute and was running out of money.

She was also concerned for her safety after a robbery at her home in Bari.

‘I feel very isolated. (Mr Berlusconi) is the most powerful man in Italy,’ she said.

‘After the burglary of my flat and other things which I cannot mention here, I no longer feel safe. I am no longer an escort, my building project is still blocked. I have no money and they took everything I had.’

Ms D’Addario said it was her decision to make the tapes, which were published on Italian newspaper L’Espresso’s website last week. Mr Berlusconi’s allies have suggested that she was ordered to do it as part of a conspiracy against him.

She explained that since enduring a former violent relationship, she never left home without a tape recorder. So she thought it ‘prudent’ to tape her encounter with Mr Berlusconi.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica has also identified Ms Grazia Capone, a 24-year-old model and actress, as being investigated by prosecutors in Bari for allegedly being hired by Mr Tarantini to attend the prime minister’s parties.

Ms Capone said: ‘Yes, I went to Berlusconi’s parties. I don’t see anything bad or improper about that.’

Meanwhile, Mr Berlusconi’s lawyer, Mr Niccolo Ghedini, denied there were any ancient Phoenician tombs on his client’s Sardinian property, Villa Certosa.

He made the statement to try to put to an end to speculation about whether they had been reported to cultural authorities.

In 2005, Mr Ghedini accompanied police to a section of the property where vases and necropolises from the 3rd century BC had been found.

‘That news is true, but no Phoenician tombs were seen,’ Mr Ghedini said.

In a tape released last Thursday, Mr Berlusconi was allegedly recorded on a tour of his villa with Ms D’Addario pointing out 30Phoenician tombs among the property’s assets.

Under Italian law, any archaeological finds must be reported within 24 hours.

Glamour girls

1. Angela Sozio, 36, former contestant on Grande Fratello, the Italian version of Big Brother. She was put in the spotlight two years ago after being photographed hand in hand with Mr Berlusconi

2. Barbara Matera, 28, Miss Italy contestant and a science graduate. The only ‘showgirl’ to have been selected as a candidate in the European elections and took up her seat this month.

3. Camilla Ferranti, 30, trained ballerina who appeared in Incantesimo, an Italian soap opera. Mr Berlusconi called the head of state television to urge him to give her a part in a leading show.

4. Eleonora Gaggioli, 31, TV actress best known for her role in Elisa di Rivombosa, a steamy costume drama. The law graduate is also a glamour model.



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