Unremorseful lady uses 2 lots to park her Honda to buy packed lunches

Unremorseful lady uses 2 lots to park her Honda to buy packed lunches

A thoughtless lady deprived others of parking by leaving her Honda in two lots while she was away buying lunch. What’s worse is that she was unremorseful and even gave excuses for her selfish behaviour.

An angry STOMPer Jazz_Chick was appalled when the lady gave the excuse that a lorry was parked next to her car earlier.

This is no excuse, says the sender, as there is a multistorey carpark nearby.

Furthermore, the Honda was also parked in a season-parking lot even though it had no season-parking ticket displayed.

STOMPer Jazz_Chick says:

“A lady driver of a white Honda Civic, simply did not know how to park within the lot and was not even remorseful.

“The vehicle is not a season parking holder and was parked out of the lot, depriving others of parking.

“The lady driver was actually buying packed lunches. When she returned, she was puzzled over how close her car was to the car next to it.

“However, she displayed no sense of remorse for parking out of the lot and gave the excuse that there was a lorry parked beside her earlier.

“Even with a lorry in the next lot, it does not mean that she is entitled to take up two lots to park her Honda Civic.

“She should have either parked within the lot or park elsewhere. There is a multi-storey carpark just within five meters of this carpark.”



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