‘I yelled at guy to stop fondling girl on MRT train, but no one else did anything’

‘I yelled at guy to stop fondling girl on MRT train, but no one else did anything’

A STOMPer was on the train yesterday (Jul 30) when she saw a man repeatedly forcing his hands into his female friend’s blouse. The STOMPer yelled at the guy, but she was shocked that on one else did anything to try to stop him.

In an email to STOMP today (Jul 31), the STOMPer says:

“This incident took place yesterday evening around 6pm on a train going towards Jurong East.

“I saw a young couple, possibly in their early 20s, sitting at the priority seat, talking to one another loudly.

“The couple looked normal in appearance but they couldn’t speak properly so I think they had speech problems.

“It is all right for them to speak loudly but the guy started to put his hands into her blouse and she was bending down holding her bag to her chest. It appeared like she was trying to block her chest.

“Many in the train saw the scene. Even the man standing next to them kept turning to look at them every three mins.

“After a short while, the guy took his hands out, talked to her for a while and repeated the action of putting his hands in her blouse again.

“He even lifted up her blouse at the back and checked her bra hook while she was sitting in a bending down position. It appeared like he was taking advantage of her, and she looked awkward and appeared like she didn’t know how to reject him.

“It was getting terrible when the guy put his hand in her blouse for the third time, and started squeezing her chest area.

“This is so disgusting, yet nobody in the train stopped them.

“The most depressing part is not about the act of this couple but the quality of people we have. There were working men and women in their 30s to 50s travelling with us and no one did anything.

“I tried to stay claim and tried to ignore them but the scene was too much for me to take, so I yelled at the man to stop touching the girl in front of everybody. I wanted to tell him that if he did that again, I would get the people here to escort him to the police.

“However, I did not do that because I had no confidence in the people in the train.

“As I was not feeling very well, I know I did have the strength to defend myself if the guy tried to lay a finger on me. At least I had the strength to tell them to stop.

“During times like that, when crime or molest acts happens in the train, will the public stop the act?

“I suggest that cameras are installed in the trains and some authorised staff take action since I have no trust in the public.

“I urge the newspaper and media and TV programmes to alert the public on these issues.”


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