Pregnant woman slain, baby taken from womb


Pregnant woman slain, baby taken from womb
Suspects arrested, baby in ‘fairly good health’
SHE was found dead with her stomach slit open on Monday.
01 August 2009

SHE was found dead with her stomach slit open on Monday.

On Tuesday, during an autopsy, the coroner and police discovered something shocking – Ms Darlene Haynes, 23, was eight months pregnant when she was murdered and the foetus was missing.

After a massive manhunt, police got lucky.

People at a homeless shelter thought a woman who had a baby girl with her was acting suspiciously and alerted the police.

Police nabbed the woman and true enough, the newborn girl with her was the baby that had been plucked from Ms Haynes’ womb.

The baby appeared to be in ‘fairly good health’ at a New Hampshire hospital in the US, police sergeant Kerry Hazelhurst said on Wednesday.

Julie Corey, 35, and a male companion were arrested in the city of Plymouth in New Hampshire, where police found them with the child.

Police said Corey had reportedly gone to New Hampshire to relocate. She arrived at a homeless shelter on Tuesday night.

She told workers there that the girl was 6 days old and identified herself as the mother, but had no information on the child, according to the Union Leader newspaper in New Hampshire.

Corey was arrested on Wednesday afternoon as she tried to leave the shelter with the infant after workers alerted police and a nurse began photographing the baby with her handphone, the newspaper reported.

Ms Haynes’ body was found by her landlord, who said a ‘horrifying smell’ led him to her apartment, where he found her body wrapped in bedding in a closet.

Police said the mother of three had apparently been dead for several days, and that she hadn’t contacted family or friends since Thursday, reported AP.

The exact cause of Ms Haynes’ death is not determined yet pending toxicology tests, but police detective captain Edward McGinn Jr said the autopsy indicated Ms Haynes suffered head injuries.

Ms Haynes’ friends reacted with shock and anger at what had happened.

‘I loved her like my daughter,’ Ms Carol Robbins, 63, who was planning a weekend baby shower for Ms Haynes, told the Boston Herald.

Ms Robbins and her daughter, Ms Loretta Holder, 27, saw Ms Haynes last Thursday when she stopped by with her 18-month-old daughter.

Ms Haynes dressed the girl in a pink jogging suit to visit her father, Mr Roberto Rodriguez, 24, who is also Ms Haynes’ ex-boyfriend and the father of the unborn child. The fathers of her other two children are unknown.

Kept toys as gifts

Ms Haynes had confided in Ms Holder that she was excited about her pregnancy and wanted to name her fourth child Isabel.

Ms Holder was keeping a pink butterfly swing and some toys at her home to give as shower gifts.

‘I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m confused. I don’t know how to feel. Darlene was my friend,’ said Ms Holder, who noted Ms Haynes became more worried recently.

Ms Holder said Ms Haynes told her that someone’s going to hurt her and there are people watching them.

It also emerged that Ms Haynes had a very difficult life. According to an uncle, Mr Karl Whitney, she was ‘neurologically impaired’ and acted much younger than her years, reported the Boston Globe.

She had attended special education programmes in local schools, said Mr Whitney, who served as a family spokesman.

‘Sometimes, unfortunately, Darlene would not make decisions correctly,’ he said. ‘We’re just trying to comprehend what happened. I don’t understand how someone could do this.’

Estranged from her mother, Ms Haynes was raised by her maternal grandmother, who has legal custody of two of her daughters, 5 and 3.

Ms Allison Goodwin, a spokesman for the state Department of Children and Families, said yesterday that her office has taken custody of the 18-month-old girl.

Ms Haynes had recently struggled to pay her bills and was facing eviction.

‘She had nowhere to go,’ her neighbour said, calling her depressed and lonely.


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