What would you do if this was your grandmother?

What would you do if this was your grandmother?

STOMPer Joel Tan posed this question when he noticed that a maid was sitting in the wheelchair and checking her handphone while this poor old woman was walking ahead slowly with her walking stick.

In an email sent to STOMP, the 22-year-old told STOMP today (Aug 1):

“This is an appeal to the family members of this grandmother, because I think that if this was my grandmother, I would definitely be concerned.

“I was walking across the overhead bridge when I was this granny walking (probably as exercise or therapy) and as she got up and very slowly took her small steps, the maid took over the wheelchair and was busy with her handphone after that.

“There are times when care from domestic help can be more relaxed but I guess for the elderly, we should educate those tasked with the responsibilities of taking care of them to show more attention. In this case, it is the domestic helper.

“I’m guessing that since the maid is not bothered enough for this granny, then I am not really concerned about what happens to the maid (after I post this) but I guess the concern of most people will be the safety of this granny.”

The STOMPer added that he was at the overhead bridge near the SPC station at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 for about ten minutes at 11am today.



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