Harrowing experience with police after I reported this man molesting my GF

Harrowing experience with police after I reported this man molesting my GF

STOMPer Joe was disappointed with the experience he and his girlfriend had with the Police, after they reported a case of molest.

In an email sent to STOMP today (Aug 3), the STOMPer wrote:

“The incident happened on July 25 at NTUC Extra Hypermarket at Jurong Point at around 9.35pm.

“My girlfriend was standing outside the Singapore Pools outlet at the hypermarket and was waiting for me.

“The man, in the picture, then walked towards my girlfriend and rubbed his elbow against her breasts.

“I wish to state that the path in which the man was walking along was clear and there is no reason for him to ‘accidentally’ rub against her.

“A police call was made to the Nanyang NPC and it was at this moment in time that my confidence in the said NPC was smashed.

“The reasons are as follows:

“1) A molest case of a female by a male subject was reported to the police officer who answered the call, yet the Police sent out two MALE police officers to attend to the case. If the officer who picked up the phone call was a female, then why did they not send an officer who was a female to the case?

“2) The officers brought my girlfriend to the scene and had her described to him on what happened. The humiliation of recalling the traumatic experience was related to the Police officer, who was a sergeant, and after that, he actually label the incident as an ‘accident’.

“3) He started to say very discouraging things like if the case is handed to the Court, should the victim want to pursue further action, it would be ‘highly likely’ that the case would be thrown out.

“Simultaneously at that instance, he had also forced my girlfriend and me to confirm whether we are pursuing the case, even when we told him that we would like to seek legal advice about the incident before deciding.

“4) In all, he seemed quick in jumping into the defense of the accused and was instant in providing unfavorable scenarios to the victim – without caring for her feelings at that moment in time.

“He also seemed to be unable to understand what was said by the victim and I as we painstakingly explained to him the happenings, as well as inform him that my girlfriend is not the only victim.

“With all due respect, is this the attitude that a Police Officer should carry in the course of investigation?

“When asked if this actually falls into Sect 323 of non-seizable offence in which only after a Magistrate Complaints had been made, approved and then empowered by the Magistrate before investigations can take place, the officers raised his voice and say that once they take down the statement, it is considered investigation already.

“However, this was not in tandem with what other Police Officers had said with regards to Sect 323.

“No vide case number was given to my girlfriend even though we told the Police officers that we do not want to pursue the case at the moment but reserved the right to do so upon consulting legal advice from professionals.”


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