21st Century ‘monk’ uses iPhone and shops for $1,000 laptops

21st Century ‘monk’ uses iPhone and shops for $1,000 laptops

STOMPer Disgruntled noticed two monks shopping for laptops at Sim Lim Square and feels such extravagance is unnecessary. One of them was even using an iPhone, she says.
The STOMPer elaborates:
“I was at Sim Lim Square at about 4pm today (Aug 6) to check out laptop prices.
“Then I noticed two monks walking around, and they wandered into a laptop shop.
“They were looking at laptops which had a price range of around S$1000.
“They were also commanding much stares from passers-by, and even the sales staff were discussing them.
“I’m not calling them errant monks, I believe they have the right to spend, but not to the point of extravagance.
“So why do they require laptops? Do they have wireless network in their temple?
“That’s not all, the monks came into the same lift as me a moment later, and one of them was using an Apple phone.
“After all the hoo-ha about Reverend Ming Yi, I thought they should be more careful about their actions, especially regarding such material possessions.
“I know this is just another post about monks, but, just to create awareness. They are still spending!”



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