Buy 1 get 1 free promotion but supermart staff more clueless than customer

Buy 1 get 1 free promotion but supermart staff more clueless than customer

When STOMPer Mike tried to purchase this promotional non-alcoholic beverage at Giant Supermarket in Turf City, he was disappointed to find that none of the staff knew about the ongoing promotion in the store.

According to him, not only did the cashier not know about the promotion, even the senior cashier and customer service staff were clueless.

Hence, he hopes all shoppers will be more careful when buying items as supermarket staff might not know of certain promotions and charge customers more than they should.

In an email dated August 7, STOMPer Mike says:

“I am a frequent shopper at Turf City Giant Supermarket.

“Today I saw a non-alcoholic beer priced at $1.35 and hand-written in red marker, was the sign ‘BUY 1 FREE 1’.

“Upon checkout, the cashier charged me for four cans at normal price.

“I alerted the cashier that this item was on promotion. She went to clarify with a senior cashier but that senior staff also had no idea about the promotion.

“She went on to check the price tag and alerted the customer service counter staff, who was also not aware of the promotion.

“On numerous occasions, the cashier often does not know of some promotions going on. Items on the also have no price tag sometimes. Some of the promotions are not keyed in the system checkout counter.

“I like to remind customers to check the receipt after paying. This supermarket constantly charges you the wrong price. If you don’t check you will be shortchanged.

“Supermarket policy should not just process the refund as the difference in price.

“They should operate like other countries in Australia and the USA, where they give a full refund plus the item for free.”


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