S’pore’s Residents’ Committees do the Nation proud

S’pore’s Residents’ Committees do the Nation proud

STOMP received these photos of block decorations all over Singapore in celebration of the Nation’s 44th’s birthday.

These brightly decorated blocks were done up by the Residents’ Committee (RC) of Tanjong Pagar, Bishan, Punggol, Sembawang and Yew Tee.

At Tanjong Pagar Plaza, gigantic flags were placed at the top of two HDB flats to celebrate National Day.

As part of the Bishan Active – Bishan North Constituency Office, 44 standees depicting the 4 races holding a Singapore flag are placed around Bishan Active to enhance the National Day atmosphere.

Moving over the Punggol Oceanus, the residents played around with the year 2009, the RC came up with the design of hanging two aeroplanes from the 9th storey between two blocks of flats, Blocks 188 and 190 of Punggol Central. The two aeroplanes look like two of the number “4” hence, representing the Singapore’s 44th birthday.

Below each aeroplane is a Singapore flag signifying Singapore as a high flying country and will continue as one to strive towards excellence. The decoration committee had also hang the numbers “6509” – “65” the year 1965 which Singapore gained independence and “09” for the current year, as part of the deocration. Though intent on decorating their estate in the nicest way possible, the RC had not forgotten to do their part in recycling. The aeroplanes and numbers were created using recycled bottles and recycled LED lights. The LED lights were placed into the bottles to make the decoration stand out when it is lighted at 7pm every evening!

At Sun Plaza, one can spot a block of flat decorated with flags sewn together to make up the number “44” and a gigantic flag to celebration the nation’s birthday.

While at Yew Tee Zone 12,discarded materials and items were recycled for this project to contribute to save the earth and cost. The letterings were formed with used Coca Cola cans and the digits 2009 were formed by compact disc. Collection of used cans were assisted by the staff of coffee shop at Blk 668A and some residents. The members followed up with the cans washing and drying, then, holes drilling. These cans were then glued together; either in twos or threes. When the letterings are formed with these cans, they were secured with copper strips (obtained from cathode ray tube) to the wire-mesh. The compact disc were contributed by residents and members.



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