Look at these 2 cocky Asians: They grin after knocking me off my MRT seat

Look at these 2 cocky Asians: They grin after knocking me off my MRT seat

These two asian-looking youths rudely barged a STOMPer off her MRT seat, even though her hands were full. Instead of feeling any shame, one even declared that he didn’t care how she felt about it.
Here’s what the upset STOMPer wrote in an email today (Aug 8):

“Ugly outsiders are making Singaporeans look like ugly Singaporeans.

“In an Asian-dominated society, Vietnamese immigrants, China immigrants and other Asian foreign workers all blend together as “Asian” and are wrongly perceived to be Singaporean.

“On Friday (7 Aug) I was taking the MRT from Cityhall Station to Orchard Station at 10:15 am. At this time, the train was relatively quiet, with plenty of seats available.

“As I boarded the MRT, I spied two empty seats and walked up to them. My arms were full of items – a handbag, a laptop and a shoebag.

“Suddenly, this guy in a red shirt ran up to one of the seats and sat down. I quickly moved to the seat adjacent to that seat, but then another guy sprinted up to it and knocked me out of the way just as I was about to sit down.
“He sat down in that seat and started grinning to his friend in the red shirt.

“I was horrified at their rudeness. They looked tall and strong, and are likely in their late twenties.

“I sat down at the seat opposite them and glared at the guy who knocked me over, but he only said very loudly to his friend ‘I don’t care’ and then proceeded to fall asleep.

“They did not feel bad that they just knocked me out of my seat, or had such ungentlemanly behaviour.

“They were cocky, grinning at each other after they had gotten their precious seats.

“I heard them talking to each other in an accent that was not Singaporean. Possibly Vietnamese, although they spoke English. They spoke very loudly too, I could hear them right across the MRT.

“These Asian fellows were so rude, I just had to take their photos. They make Singaporeans look so ugly just because they blend in with the Asian crowd.

“I suggest more education for these foreign workers (or students) to ensure that they don’t taint the Singaporean name.”



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