More disgusting youth stunts: Heavy petting in public, now throwing eggs at bus drivers

More disgusting youth stunts: Heavy petting in public, now throwing eggs at bus drivers

Stomper fluffy1985 came across this video of a group of youths flagging a bus down and pelting the driver with eggs. Apparently proud of their actions, they had posted their video for all to see on Facebook.
Shocked by their actions, the STOMPer wrote:
“Due to my busy work schedule, I have little time to catch up with my kakis, so I started using Facebook.

“One video title in the highlight section caught my attention – ‘Bus driver got EGGED!’

“Being curious, I decided to have a look at the video.

“The short video clip shows one person recording, while another flags down a bus.

“As the bus approaches the bus stop, another character appears.
“These two persons were identified by the owner of this video Jerron Tan as ‘Shawn’ and ‘Mark’ in the comments section.
“As soon as the bus door opened, eggs were thrown at the driver.
“The clarity of the video is poor as, just as soon as the ‘brave’ acts were pulled off, the camera man ran away, cursing vulgarities in dialect as he ran.

“I am definitely appalled by the acts of these teens. I pity the bus driver who was a victim that night.

“Rash acts without the thought as to consequences might bring these teens further harm in future.
“I hope this serves as a warning to people who do not think before commiting an act.
“I hope the authorities would do justice to send a warning to these youngsters.”

Youth pranksters throw eggs at bus driver


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